Radar Guidelines: READ FIRST PLEASE!


##What is Radar?
A forum where the African tech community can discuss, share ideas and make connections.

##What Radar is NOT
An African Quora, HackerNews, Reddit etc.

The Three Commandments

  1. Be helpful.
  2. Be kind.
  3. Be respectful.

The Other Rules

No Advertising or PR.
Please don’t post press releases here.

No marketing/MLM/pyramid schemes.
Or any get-rich-if-you-give-me-your contact scheme.

No Abuse or discrimination.
On account of tribe, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation etc will be dealt with immediately and the user banned.

No personal attacks.
Positive and constructive criticism of ideas is fine; attacking or criticising people is not.

Only humans can post.
All entities other than humans such as companies have to be verified.

If you’re not sure what to post…

A few ideas for your first post

  1. Introduce yourself and what you do OR
  2. Post a link and excerpt to something you’ve read recently that was interesting to you OR
  3. Ask us to review a product you’ve built or you’re a part of creating

The full guidelines are here. Please read them at your convenience.

Ok, then have fun!

This document is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. It was last updated 4th September 2018.

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cool stuff


Good to see you here


Great stuff, just found my FB alternative


Hey guys do you an opportunities board or can you set one up.


Hi, I run a travel startup that’s receiving lot’s of international and African press attention. We’re closing an angel round and really looking to beef up our engineering team so that we can explore ways to automate our “secret sauce” and scale the business rapidly. Are there any creative coders on this board who would be keen to have a convo?

Wonder what the first post on Radar was

@cheraerobinson, might be a better idea to post this as a new topic in the Jobs section. Also, a link to your company?


Hey, is it possible to change your email newsletter to add New topics, popular topics just give me the same gist every time. thanks


Good stuff!


This is nice… I love techcabal…

Why was my post flagged?

I am Jarus. I run a blog and career services startup called JarusHub. I have been looking for avenue to interact with Nigerians startup owners and entrepreneurs, and I think this platform should solve the quest.


I can’t express how delighted I am to be here.
To think that I have been engrossed in tech news on TechCabal for a while now and didn’t care to see what Radar was all about…my bad!
Radar is just what I need at this time!!!


This is awesome… And helpful for we tech starters…


@Mrpopoola Thank you.


Very useful


great to know. Im glad to be part of this community


Interesting forum.
Will try to catch up.


No boards or categories, that’s odd!


Thanks a lot for current information)