Www.jbklutse.com a Ghanaian based content marketing platform is open for Nigerian content


Good day to all my Nigeria brethren, it’s a delight to part of this community. I have enjoyed my few days here, and I must say kudos to techcabal.com; you guys are doing a amazingly great.

I want to extend an invitation to anyone who is willing to contribute content to jbklutse.com to feel free to contact me.

jbklutse.com started as a tech site, but we are opening up to other niches, and by the grace of God it is doing very well within these few months of its existence.

lets get in touch!


You should really read the guidelines before you post. Here you go.


Wait, can I make “Show HN” type topics?


What are those, please?


Thanks Lordbanks


A post exhibiting a recently completed “weekend” hack (hardware or software) to the well, hacker news community.



This is what the products category is for though.