Our first event, as promised: Radar, Offline


Radar has been around for more than a year. Yes, it’s been that long. Technically, Radar’s first post was published on the 15th of March, 2015. All of you have read it. I hope. :sunglasses:

Our community is host to some of the smartest internet entrepreneurs, developers and designers in Nigeria. Today, we are a thriving community, with close to 2,000 registered users, which are a mere fraction of the actual number of people that visit to just read and learn from the conversations that happen here.

On the 28th of April, at 6pm, we will host Radar’s first offline meetup to commemorate the forum’s first year of existence, as well as to finally give us the opportunity to meet the people we’ve been interacting with online, offline.

Tickets to this edition of Radar Offline are first come, first serve! So get those tickets now. Venue details will be communicated to registered attendees. See you there!

Radar Offline is proudly brought to you by Prognostore and SimplePay. Prognostore is a cloud-based point-of-sale, inventory and analytics for small businesses, while SimplePay helps businesses accept payments online. Their support is making the event possible, much respect.

Radar Community Update: 0002

Just registered! I shouldn’t miss this. I’m proud to be associated with Radar. Keep up the good work guys!


Booze go dey?


LOL @Lamidi_b_a. Fingers crossed here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fingers crossed oh


Seeing the post title for a moment there I thought Radar was “offline”.

That said, I don regista


just when I’m outta Lagos, na wa o, -sniffs- :cry:


It’s the first, but certainly not the last, never fear.


In the words of Whale-moss, the mouth of the gods

We dey go there together.


Coooool. I hope I’ll be available. Nice one.


I just register…can’t wait to meet the crudcast team and tech cabals @lordbanks @PapaOlabode @xolubi @Tola@wkyo I hope there will be enough meme for that day… @lordbanks where is the location?


I will be there but I know @xolubi wouldn’t be there. He has a ‘secret code off’ competition with his arch nemesis.


@O_niran Unfortunately, none of the show hosts are currently in the country. @akamaozu is in Canada, @Tolu in Mauritius, and I’m in the United States. Since this event is supposed to be a thing moving on, I’m sure more opportunities would come up. :slight_smile:

Edit: Typed @Tola earlier.


Isn’t @Tola supposed to have taken up permanent residence at Ojota?


Yeah, he’s trying to swap @Tolu for @Tola …no loyalty, I tell you.


Lol…I’m so so loyal to the crudcast team…apologies for the name swapping mistake… I guess I was over excited…if the crudcast team won’t be around…I guess awón ti PrognoStore will represent well …but I will miss my favourite podcast team sha


Nice. This is very nice. Is Ozombo coming?


Dude, let’s humour ourselves and assume that it is me you are interested in seeing, unfortunately I always walk around with my goons and we may just end obtaining everyone at the event with side mirrors and alloys growing wings. I don’t think Lordbanks and the other folks will like that. Me too won’t like that. God forbid my goons now find out that all you folks are carrying IPhones and Mac Book Pros, I will leave the rest to your imagination…

However, I go dey show my love from far. Enjoy!


Sold Out? Well that was quick!

Not in Lagos though, so maybe next one. Here’s to many more.


If you have a ticket already and you’re not
planning to attend, I will gladly accept the ticket
and attend on your behalf.

Of course I don’t mind paying extra!