I'm New and haven't really figured how this works


I just signed up here like 2mins ago.

What’s good radar peeps!


Radar’s awesome!

It’s Monday afternoon so everyone’s hard at work. Miscreants like myself should be working but somehow we manage to find a few minutes of employer time to roam around online.

Just checked out your mini-profile (click on a profile pic and it should pop up), and “soil scientist, farmer” caught my eye.

I’m always curious about the overlaps between technology and seemingly unrelated fields, like agriculture, so I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how a soil scientist / farmer found our little community of code and pixel pushers.


You haven’t earned the “read guidelines” badge yet, so that’s a great place to start figuring out how things work. Otherwise, be excellent to everyone and it’s all good. Welcome.


Now that’s a warm welcome! I stumbled on it and could learn something here @akamaozu How do I earn the badge? @lordbanks


Just read the guidelines.


Read this…

You are welcome.


I have, thank you.


Now let the CVs drop in! :smiling_imp:


Don’t tempt me please


What cvs? I don’t understand


Lol @ Don’t tempt me.

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