What is wrong with this design


I will like to present this design(below) to the house if perhaps there are things i did wrong that needs to be corrected.(pls rate the design)

The owner doesn’t seem to like it, hence refused to make payment.

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Don’t know if this is necessarily a bad thing, but it kinda reminds me of the Amazon logo with the “arrow smiley” thing. There might be some confusion there.


Cool Design,From the Design You understand the line of business the company operates in.Could you simply ask your client to provide a Sketch/Mockup of what he/she has in mind so you could tweak it to his taste.


Perhaps the arrow thing totally put it off


Moving is about to take it in a ass…Just saying.
Also, too much like Amazon.


Change the Font, make it 3D, Lose arrow and play with colours.


I don’t think making it 3D is the issue. Except you are (@Freshboi_Ekundayo) the client o.

But @Brightman you should have asked the client to show u logos that he likes and then you find the common denominator among them and apply it in ur designs.

These stubborn clients are the ones that will spread word about you (good or bad) so make sure you get it right with him. Don’t just get angry and start a pity party. Ask him questions.

It’s hard and annoying but just try.


Amazon rip off. Please change the arrow.


I like it but I wouldn’t submit this to the client as finished work for the very reason that it looks like Amazon’s logo.

But @Chris is right. You need to understand the client’s preferences. Find out what they like and tread that path.

Granted there are some difficult individuals who don’t know what they want and just waste your time but everybody has a preference even when they claim they don’t have anything in mind.


The font needs to be changed


I made another sample and it seems this client has not really made up his mind and giving that the offer is 10k I’ll not be making any other sample…

Here was my other sketch,did it really look like a Bus leasing company?


Good improvement but as suggested you need to change the font.


This is nice too.

Thing about designing logos is you have to get into the client’s head. It’s almost like mind control; making them tell you exactly what they want without them knowing.

Another thing I do, is get the client to commit to the project financially. So after I have shown them samples of my work, I get them to pay a deposit. Then the work can start. I find that many clients take me seriously then and want to make sure they get value for their money.

I think you should try another font though.
Something ‘blocky’ like the moving boxes.


I wouldn’t say rip off per say. I’m pretty sure that Amazon smile isn’t orginal.


Try this instead.


Add some yellow & black speed streaks on the bus to illustrate motion.


That’s just my opinion. I saw the logo and immediately my train of thought was like “arrow - amazon - amazon arrow - rip off”
Now you might think this is unfair as he(the designer) might not have intended such. But to a customer like me that’s all I see.
I’m glad he has removed it though.

[Fyi: The arrow in amazon actually signifies something to the brand. Its subtle, but it means something.]


@Chris, your comments are always funny but insightful at the same time. Like u remind of those comedy movies that teach real life lessons.

@Brightman, I’ll go with this Mr. Chris on this one. Like follow what he said. But out of the 3 logos, I like the second one the best. If you could remove that underneath arrow, I’ll go with the first one. Nice logos by the way.


One question, did you get all the requirements from the owner? Next time,

  • Send a spreadsheet to potential customers
  • Let them state their requirements
  • They can choose the style, font, even examples based on recognisable logos
  • You can’t design logo abstractly and expect owners to find joy
  • You would even state the number of design samples and the number of changes you are willing to make

Your grief will drastically reduce i suppose


Drop the job. Clients that pay that little and demand that much without stating what exactly they want are the worst.

Here is a tip - watch out for these signs in your next clients. The art of declining jobs will really give you peace of mind in the long run.