What is wrong with this design


I guess i know where the problem lies. It is always interesting to never forget days of little beginnings.

That said, 10k for a logo? thumbs up. Good start. But you need to learn from every job and one thing is for sure - PACKAGING!.

Here’s what i do:

  • when a potential client makes a request, send them a questionnaire sharp sharp. The questionnaire must contain questions that can help you juice out info that will help your design process.

  • wait for their feedback. Once you get that feedback, send them an invoice telling them so and so and so is what i would design and deliver. Include the cost too. Send to client and wait for feedback. Always WAIT FOR THEIR FEEDBACK.

  • Once you do this, your client would see you as a pro.

If you want, i can show you the questionnaire i use. Hey! it works.

As per the logos you made, they are both nice but but but, the first looks Amazon except its not saying A to Z. what’s it saying then? i dunno o. In my opinion, if you take that arrow off then it’d look a little pro.

For the 2nd one, as uncle leslie suggested, go with his thoughts.

Is there a need to change the font? That’s not my call to make. I even ask clients if they have any special font they like to be used. That way, i don’t design outta context.

Finally, i cannot judge your design sense as whether this or that you have made is great. Your client here is KING.

Conclusion: Don’t look cheap to your client even if your charges are small. Communication with your client also matters. Why on earth will your client say s/he doesn’t like the logo you made with no reason at all? (except of course that client is from hell o)

I guess i’d have to stop here.