UI with Figma Design delivered daily


Hi guys,

I decided to start a daily UI challenge (excluding weekends) to test my ability to solve problems with design and to get better at using Figma. Hopefully, I’ll post a design each day on this thread.

Please let me know what your thoughts are. I have a thick skin. If you feel you need to be hard, feel free :smile:

Day 1

Visual Design Daily with Adobe Illustrator

Day 2

A Credit Card Checkout Page

Kindly write a feedback. I need them to grow.


Well done @elepsis. It looks good. Can you make use of a different font style? Also, can you work on checkout steps?


This looks amazing. Great!


Thanks for stopping by @manifest by font style do you mean serifs, corsives etc or alternating members of the family (bold, light italics in this design)?

Also, this design (Day 2) is part of a daily UI challenge. The designs will be basically stand-alone pages of random products. I’ll consider working on the checkout steps for this though. I’m currently trying to put something together for Day 3. You should check it tomorrow :smile:


Thanks for the kind words @Janneth1


Yes, the font-family.


Ok thanks @manifest


Cool stuff, real nice, how about for every design you make I’ll recreat them for the web.


Hi, @Misfit that’s a fab idea. I’m game! Let’s chat via DM so you can tell me what you need to get started


Day 3 (Landing Page Design)

I discovered that Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing IVM (Innoson Motors) has this very cool car called IVM FOX so I decided to use it as the subject of today’s design. (I couldn’t get a high def picture of the car from their site. Pardon the slight pixelation).

The thinking behind the design.

Kindly share some feedback on the design. Thanks


Nice 1, maybe you should be doing the practice on 99designs.com. Even if you don’t want to earn its good for testing your designs against lots of global competition.


Thanks for the suggestion @Umi


Day 4 (Calculator Design)

I thought of bringing back the buttons retro calculators are known for, but with a subtle modern look and feel.

Yay or nay?


Really nice. You’re good man.


Thanks @panshak


Been busy with stuff, here is a pen for the first design https://codepen.io/Pjmisfit/full/awxZLB/


Awesomely Beautiful.


@Misfit Nice! This is getting interesting. If it helps, I can give you access to the source files of the designs so we can take care of issues like alignment, font styling etc. Great work man!


Day 5 (App Icon Design for Accel)

Android & iOS