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Day 6 (User Profile Design)

I thought of creating the profile of a platform that allows designers to share (group) their works based on skills (…in this case, some of my logos).

White UI

Black UI



Bro this is super nice. I feel like getting into your daily design challenge sha


This is awesome. Great work


Thanks @mikeWoka
It’ll be cool to have you on board. The more the merrier you know. Plus we can bounce ideas and all get better.


Thanks man @reptofrank


Sure sure.


Something stands out in your designs…

You conceptualise before design.

This is the Steve Jobs way.
Nicely keep up bro.


Thanks for the kind words @toninatho

For every human being walking, there’s a skeleton
For every building standing, there are frames.
They may not be visible but they give them form.

I believe visual design should not be any different.
So to get the form, I sketch.

I believe we designers can solve more problems if we focus first on sketching (understanding the problem) rather than jumping into our tools to create stuffs.

My thoughts though.


nice one boss!


Really great designs bro.


Day 7 (Settings Page)

I thought of creating an account settings page integrated with a lightweight dashboard.
What are your thoughts?

The Sketch


Thanks @amickitech


Nicely put together.

I don’t ever make a Logo or even design a flyer without having to first sketch the Idea first. It’s become a norm for me for a long time now, after reading David Airey’s book “LOGO DESIGN LOVE”


@mikeWoka Nice to know David Airey inspired you too. I started out learning design by reading his www.davidairey.com daily. I enjoyed his book “Logo Design Love” so much I bought 2 copies. Great guy.

Going the traditional way of putting pencil to paper to try out ideas works. Designers have nothing to lose adopting it as a part of their process. They have everything to gain.


Pen for Day 6 (User Profile Design) https://codepen.io/Pjmisfit/pen/yoBqpK

Hover around, click the icon on the left to toggle between the white and black UI.


Yo! I jumped in on this one. Optimized for DESKTOP but still did some MOBILE optimization. Link to CodePen
Keep up the good work bro :muscle: :muscle:


Hi @Misfit Nice work.

I believe we’re all doing this to get better.
In the spirit of that, I’ll quickly highlight something.

It’s the need for a seamless handshake between Designers & Front-end Developers.
Things like keeping fonts, spacing between elements & padding consistent with the initial design is gold.

We designers really don’t see this from most Font-end dev guys and trust me, it messes the whole experience up. It’s somewhat like what Graphic designers face with printers where you send your designs to them and the final work turn out different.

I believe the aim of Front-end dev is to replicate (pixel-for-pixel) the original design (i may be wrong).

If we can achieve this handshake, we’ll be able to build better products & experiences.



Hi @trulyTobi awesome!

It’s really clean!

No, you keep up the good work bro!
You should attach screenshots of subsequent ones (that’s if you still want to do more :grinning:)



Day 8 (404 Page)

I decided to do an Error 404 page for Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing IVM (Innoson Motors) using elements related to the industry basically to strengthen my ability to keep a consistent brand style with the initial design for Day 3. The 404 text & image manipulation was done in Photoshop before importing into Figma.

The Sketch.

The Previous Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing IVM (Innoson Motors) landing page for Day 3

Your thoughts?


Gotta love how the options loop the user back into the product options directly…but I wonder if there shouldn’t be an option to return to the homepage as well?