Nigerian/African Meetups in London?


@ADT I’m looking for you so pls feel free to ring me. Thx


Sent you a PM


A full house here…@Tonianni & I


@Tunde_IO & @ozoesono [sidebar: lawyers can talk!]


@ADT @ozoesono @anibe Biola & @Tunde_IO


Me: Guess what this will be captioned?
They: What?
Me: Net-working



Hi Ekpemi! :grinning:


Hi Olubi! lol :grinning:


I don’t get oooo lol


…like working on the net (internet)

@papaolabode shebi?


Spot on @87_chuks!

Anyhow, really really good vibes last night! More amazing that just 18 days after the initial post, 20+ people came out for the first event.

Definitely @ADT & @Tonianni deserves medals for making it happen so quickly. Of course don’t forget the people say they want more…


Was out of town but promise to attend next edition. By the way, a couple of friends are trying to put together something similar in London.

Will post details as the become available.

Kudos to those who attended - we need more!


Thanks to @ADT especially for bringing it all together…next time let’s get more room though! our area got cramped pretty quickly! lol

Had a great time and met a lot of cool people building (or planning to build) interesting stuff.

By the way @lordbanks you should check this out -, they ran a very succesful kickstarter last year -

One of the founders -Tolu was there and he demo’d the product, pretty cool!

I highlighted Tolu’s product because I personally found it the most exciting, others had great stuff as well. Tomi and his colour cube (which helps teach kids how to code) was also quite cool.

Looking forward to the next one…hopefully the latecomers (i’m looking at you @PapaOlabode) will repent and come early.

PS- @ADT you should consider doing a quick blog recapping the events of the day :slight_smile:


Lol, sorry my people o! Although ‘unforeseen circumstances’, I have truly repented.


The people Radar has brought together sha…really cool. BTW, @lordbanks, bring back our pictures. UK wey do yesterday don dey drop memories.


Just getting to this. Hectic weekend.

Thank you so much to everyone that came through!
Super impressed by the turnout and more importantly some of the things people are building out there.

I will be sending an email to all those that attended just to give a recap and it could serve as a gateway for you to reach to those you may be interested in working with.

@PapaOlabode @Tunde_IO, I’ll definitely do a mini blog on this and post it on medium or something.

A lot of people were asking about the next event and some were even brainstorming a name for the org, so I believe there will be another one (DJ Khaled’s voice).
Better Venue, Better organisation and who knows maybe small chops.
Probably in about 6 weeks or 4 weeks. Still yet to decide.

@NaijaDigital411will be great to see you at the next one and you can PM me about your friends’ event too.

Also, special shout out to @PapaOlabode and @Tonianni for making this happen.


Meanwhile anyone can help caption this…


Recap (plus first medium post) can be found here

As requested.




:joy: Smh…