Nigerian/African Meetups in London?


My sincere apologies for being too slow in getting it. I guess all these startup companies clustered around Old Street Station don’t really matter. By the way what does a mere Agbero at Ojota know about London?


It’s okay. Apologies accepted!

Next meeting, all suggestions welcomed! This one, we will follow @ADT suggestions and final decision.


Ah I feel honoured.

Here are the 2 final options i’m going with.

St Pauls- Antonia’s suggestion
Trafalgar Square

Will update on the final one soon.

Up to 24 people now :flushed::ok_hand:, so it is imperative that I put the final one very very soon.


@OoTheNigerian lol you always know how to dig these things out. I’ll try to be at this one too


This has grown wings indeed! I’m good with any of the options.

BTW @lordbanks let it be known, no one, I mean no one doubted your ‘BigCabal’ credentials :grinning:


Lol, I’m not quite sure I can take the credit for that, but sure, when you say my name, please put some respek on it. :sunglasses:


So @ADT seems we’re all set for Friday! Looked up the venue online and it looks cool as well so it’s all good.

What’s our final number for attendance?


Was just about to reply to this thread.

30 people signed up! Well I capped it at 30 (not sure if more people tried to sign up). Also, I only have about 26 names (due to people booking more than 1 ticket etc).

If you haven’t received the address for the venue, please let me know and I’ll send you an email.

Also, please bring your wallets. Haha.
The venue manager wanted to charge me £500 for deposit but I told her i’m not balling. However, a section of the bar has been booked for us so it’s all good.
It’s just a lighthearted meetup anyway so not much planning has gone into this.

Also expecting people to drop out for various reasons, so if you would still like to attend, PM me.
At least 10 people will show up though (so that’s good enough).


You should set up a waitlist (check eventbrite settings) so you can capture people who would like to attend but couldn’t get tickets. That way if people drop out, you have, well, a waitlist.


Ah nice. Nice. Will do that.



Tomorrow is almost here! I hope the weather stays this way, it’s like perfect for beer and stories so should be good.


Oga slow down o, dat belle :smirk:


Lol, nothing dey happen…all under control!


Please, where is the location?


Oi, y’all should post updates oh


Oi, y’all should post updates oh


@ozoesono It’s the Copa De Cava 33 Blackfriars Lane London EC4V 6EP

@lordbanks we will post updates if we remember…but crucially we will have pictures,lol


Lol. You dey fear send email?

But yh what @PapaOlabode said. See you there!


lol. Well… I sent you a PM… If you posted your email here I would have emailed you :wink: See you later.


It’s today?! All the best and pics!