Nigerian/African Meetups in London?


Hey Guys,

So I’m currently in London and I was wondering if there are any (business) Events/Conferences/Meetups specifically for Nigerians and if not maybe Africa?

A good example of this is: LSE Africa Summit

I can find weddings and parties but not events where people are building stuff meet.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


Update: We have decided to make our own meetup.

Here is the link to register

London: People Building Things for NG 2.0

@ADT Don’t know of any myself, but will be interested as well. Who knows, maybe if enough hands, we could organise…

Lolz EDIT: instead of just ‘you’ (which just sounded horrible & portrayed me as selfish), I replace with ‘we’ (which kind of makes more sense & shows I’m a ‘team player’).


No worries.

Will update you.

Here’s my thought process checklist:

Google- Not much luck so far
Ask Friends- Ongoing
Ask Radar- Ongoing
Follow Afro-Caribbean Socs or Nigerian Socs of Major Universities on Twitter- Not Started

Google Again- Last resort

If you have any other ideas where I can look, that would be helpful and yeah if there are more hands, we can organise something.



Looks like you’ve covered the basics. Let’s see if any more interest is shown and we can take it from there.

I’m kind of always optimistic but I genuinely can’t see why this will be hard to organise, if enough people show interest…


Lol. So this topic gave me an idea to search for Nigerian meetups within 50 miles of where I stay and this came up - California Ifa and Orisa Meetup Group:

Now I’m really curious. :grinning:


I wouldn’t be surprised that quite a few will be non Nigerians…


Whoa. Truly intrigued.

Groups for just about anything.

Thanks for the site anyway. Gonna see what I can find around. Saw some for Yoruba lessons already.


@ADT and @PapaOlabode, how many people do you need for a meetup? I tried searching on Eventbrite as well…not much luck.

If you come across something please let me know…or if you decide to organise something, i’m game as well!


I wondered the same thing then organized one during a visit.

You can easily do so if you want. i’ll email the previous attendees from 5 years ago with your link.



Not sure what @ADT as in mind but would say if we have 20 people interested…we’re good to go. So right now I make it 4 people (@princehumphrey I take it that you’re in?), which means 16 more to go. So people if this is of interest to you, let’s know.

Thanks @OoTheNigerian we will follow your footsteps and organise…but we’re taking baby steps :smile:


You are still leaving room/looking for excuses.

4 is more than enough. Choose a place on old street (say a cool pub) and then announce it. If 10 people show up, it’s a great start.

Now open Eventbrite and get it done!!

GO! GO!! GO!!!


Lol, no stories…it will be done.

Alright @ADT & @Tunde_IO what’s your preference for dates? I’m going to be in Nigeria for a week returning on May 1st (I know Humphrey has similar plans), so anything from then on works.


@PapaOlabode, @ADT, i’m fairly easy. No preference as such. I would suggest a Friday in May, supposed to be in Lagos in June (no firm dates yet).

If I was pressed to pick days, I would suggest - May 6th, 13th, or 20th …but like I said I’m easy.


Yh I’m game.

As of right now, the first week in May is good for me. Got some plans hovering around 13th and 20th but not confirmed.

Crazy how this turned out but i’m glad it did. :smiley:

Also @OoTheNigerian, what did the attendees from your previous meeting say? As many people as possible will be good tbh.


You should go…


I’d have love this. If you are quite open in that department, you should really explore.


Ok, let’s do it. I think best option is for you to create an EventBrite with May 6th booked in and edit your initial post and stick it in, so it’s easy for anyone interested to find.

Of course we can work out venue details etc…later


Had this chat, some weeks ago with a Nigerian developer in London. We would like to get people together who are interested in building/creating (things for Nigeria) not just small chops. I’m waiting for serious people to get back into London before organizing anything. I guess with my experience in running events, if you add food people will come, but we need serious people to come.

You should check out meetup and eventbrite, a fair bit of events are posted there. I may* be speaking at the LSE Africa Summit. So if you are around, say hi.


Hey @Tonianni, not sure but are you saying you’re organising something else and we can join?

Not sure when you say ‘serious people’ what it means but I’m easy going and can be serious if required :grinning:


Serious = People who are looking to build/create things for Nigeria

I put off organising at the moment, until certain “serious” people get back to London. I’m happy to attend whatever you guys put on and perhaps bring a person or two.