Nigerian/African Meetups in London?


Bay Area developer here. Anecdotally I found there are plenty of Nigerians and/or Africans out here but not much of a community as you might find in other parts of the US. This is especially true if you are filtering for interest in tech.

There is which brings together black software engineers but last I checked, membership wasn’t open to all.


Alright, cool cool.

So @ADT this is looking good as including @Tonianni (+2 people) that makes 7 of us.



“It just keeps getting berra berra and berra”

I’ll set up the eventbrite thing you suggested. Should be fairly easy.

Also @Tonianni, I would love to see you at the summit but unfortunately they rejected me :sob::sob: . So it’s looking like it’s gonna be a webcast situation.

Anyway break a leg :muscle:


Can I claim that you guys are using style to form Big Boys Cabal? If I am interested in attending, who will provide me with letter of invitation, passport page and bank statements for my Visa application? I promise not to claim that I am a 15 year old from Syria, when I get to immigration.

If it’s going down at Old Street, Do you guys fancy doing it at Browns - - it’s free entry, cheap drinks and I do get Agbero discount there…



Strip club you know!

But tbh, we do need a location. Any other suggestions?
Preferably a quiet bar (although sounds like a myth on a friday evening) or anything else, i’m not fussed.

I’ve created the event buti’m yet to put the location so I saved as a draft until I have an idea.


Of course I’m in. I’m hanging to your tailcoat. Let’s do this guys!


Good man!

Hey @ADT for ideas maybe let’s think location like Shoreditch where there’s stuff going on, or if few of us can check rooftop terrace bars (Madison, Boundary etc) as good for chatting, or activity bars (e.g Bounce for table tennis) as there’s already something to do, or go via Opentable and book anything available that’s big enough.


From what I know of devcolor, they mentor black developers. Even though the founder was in my batch at Y combinator, I never really grasped the idea.

Also, hi.


Hi. DM me if you’d like to do lunch or something…

I guess I wasn’t too clear on the devcolor mission either. Maybe a messaging problem on their end.

Anyway I’ll stop here before I derail this thread any further :slight_smile:


very funny.


No wahala, I’m definitely not speaking there now. So i keep my leg intact. lol.

Just keep us posted on the venue, date and time. As for venue, while a quiet place on Friday is a tall order, you can book a nice spot here

Thanks for bringing this up!


What did they say 5 years ago?

I can remember “hey” “how far” and “e go be next time” :grinning:


Yeah right! Big Boys CABAL. LOL

I would really love to meet ya’all at the event.
Unfortunately, Buhari is coming over that day for some tea and crumpets. At least that is what his text stated. And like they say, never ditch the President, he likes his tea time!

If you finally attend @Tonianni; kindly provide API and Key String so we in Nigeria can communicate with the item 7.


So what was the final decision on Nigerian meetups in London. I have searched for Nigerian meetups for a while and gave up. The only ones I find revolve around Drinks and picking up chicks. Got old quick.


And a lurker converts to a registered user. The power of meetups. :smiley:

Hi Ndifreke


Hey Man,

Been a while dude. Btw I listen to CRUD Cast. Entertaining.


Shhhh. DM. :slight_smile:


Hey @ADT you may want to check Africa Technology Business Network, they do meetups from time to time.


Those are cool too.


Another lurker @cfkunle

Just keeping score. :slight_smile: