Nigerian/African Meetups in London?


Sorry guys,

Got slightly caught up with things. But here is the page to register

I’ve set it to 25 people. But I don’t think it will get up to that but please do register and put it on your calendar.

As you can see, I’ve set the location to ‘TBD’ as we still got some time but it’s most likely going to be east central. Or if you want places a bit more high end we can try SW-central.

Currently looking at this list for ideas:

My first thought was a bar as it’s easier but if you would like somewhere else (like Bounce or Faaji on Finchley Road lol) then please let us know. Might even make a poll so we can vote.

Haha. I meant for the meetup coming up.

Thanks. Checked them out. Nothing in May so far. But you can come through on the 6th of May.

Also borrowed the title of the event from you @Tonianni


@xolubi well I am gradually moving down the sales funnel.


quote=“ADT, post:41, topic:5284”]
Got slightly caught up with things. But here is the page to register

Just checked it out. Wanted to register but on the said date, I will be in Naija then to return a few days after. If I could be so bold :slight_smile: maybe date moved for my sake? :smiley: else will wait till another time.


Ooh I see.

Hmm, unlikely that I can change the date tbh.
As you know, weekends are best.
But some people are not available the week before and I can’t do the weekend after.

However if there is a general consensus to shift it to the week after 6th then I can’t really object. :slight_smile:



No worries man. Was kidding. Will look forward to other opportunities to meetup.


Good job man. It’s taking shape. I’ve just registered and wondering at what point will you feel we have enough numbers to book?


Good question.

I’ll try and book it this weekend.

Checked. Three people have signed up so far (excl. me). I’m positive we can get up to ten. But half of that is good enough too.

What do you think?


Yeah 10 sounds good. The more the merrier as long as they’re ‘serious’ people, lol.

In any case, if we’re struggling for numbers (and want to bump it up), we can ask Banks to include the invite link in his new improved newsletter. Or @lordbanks what do you say? This is for a good cause & you’re of course a good man…



@lordbanks Radar, offline. London. Haha.


Hahaha, that’s another conversation altogether oh…

Let’s put it in TechCabal’s digest tomorrow morning. Subscription link is here.


So @ADT did signups increase? @lordbanks kindly included in the daily digest this morning. So did it work any magic?

I mean once and for all we can settle is @lordbanks really an ‘influencer’, ‘tastemaker’ or as preferred a ‘BigCabal’. If he increased signups by at least 1000%, then yes. Anything less than that…


Haha. We’re up to 6 now.

So some boost there.

Should hit 10 this weekend hopefully. Telling a few of my tech mates about it also.


Please no Shoreditch. somewhere a bit more central


Let’s put it to vote then :grinning:


So the vote is between Shoreditch and Central? I’m pretty neutral, and happy with either location. So I will abstain.


I have been told by a bird that the cool kids do hangout at Shoreditch as that’s where the Silcon Roundabout is located. So I guess I was on point when I suggested Browns as you guys may just bump into Mark Zuckerberg there…


Numbers are going way way up.

Up to 16 attending now.

As for places to meet, quiet bars are preferable tbh. I am now switching my focus to hotel bars as they are usually quiet, so we can hear each other and hear yourself think.
If there are any other suggestions, please let us know.

Here is what i’m looking at:

Looks like it may be down to voting @Tonianni

Ninja edit:
Just realised @OoTheNigerian also had his meetup at a hotel bar.


I will ignore your silly comments, since you don’t get it by now.

Besides, The roundabout is Old Street.
Isn’t it funny though, Facebook is in Camden, Twitter is in Soho, Skype, Holborn.
TechCityUK - More Moorgate than Old Str (in my op) Google is in Westminister

Cool Kids are central.


@princehumphrey & @ADT pls let’s practice democracy on another day. We will vote next meeting. This one, let’s just book a place.

Tolu best thing is to look for the hotel bar like you mentioned, everywhere BUT Shoreditch. Agree with the approach?

Even though I initially mentioned Shoreditch, I’m easy going and happy with anywhere…I’m sure most people will be as well.


I’ve got another place, two actually.

Parcel Yard, Kings Cross -

Copa de cava -