Nigerian/African Meetups in London?


Hello all,

Apologies. I have been super swamped with work lately. But I’m dropping some good news.

There will be another event happening. ‘Building Things for NG 2.0’.
Setting the date for the 2nd week of July preferably July 8th (Friday) but if people are up for July 7th (Thursday) that’s fine too.

But I need your opinions on some things.

  • Should we still go to a bar like before? If not, what other venue suggestions do you have? Someone suggested bbq since it’s summer
  • Would you be happy to meet every 6-8 weeks?

I will also send an email to those that attended previously.

Thanks. Official Eventbrite invites will probably go out next week.


Yay! I’m good for either days but let’s stick to Friday.

BBQ sounds great…but maybe hard to pull off? Venue wise, is there any we should consider from previous list? I know @Tonianni provided a few.

Every 8 weeks sounds about right, as I do agree that it makes sense to have some consistency to it. I know a

This might be a good place to iron out some of the logistics, especially for folks not on Radar.


I was in favour of something outdoorsy but the weather seems to have takena turn. So aybe we just stick with a bar like the last time.

Initially was happy with every 8 weeks, but I would think maybe quarterly would work better for people…less of a commitment, but that’s just what I feel

Email and maybe a link to a typeform so people just vote for their options, less back and forth

Thanks for taking it up again @ADT


Yh. I think the weather in England cannot be trusted.

So a bar it is. I would look for something similar to last time.

Quarterly is not a bad idea actually. It will give some breathing space so I will look into this.

No worries. Friday of 2nd week in July it is!


With this Brexit thing, can we even afford the drinks? In any case, maybe look for a bar with beer garden or rooftop, if you want a compromise to outdoors.



Okay. Still on the research p. Will let everyone know as soon as possible.



Hi everyone,

Just to note, incase you didn’t receive the email about this.

The second event is happening this Friday.

Here is the link to register

Please register if you’re attending so you can get updates.

As usual, reach out to me, if you have any questions/suggestions.

Many Thanks


Hi Everyone,

I have now updated the venue for the second event- for those that were a bit hesitant and also emailed me about it.

Apologies for the lateness.

See you on Friday.


Hey guys, long time- no post. But big lurker here on Radar. :muscle:

Cutting to the chase, if you’re in London on May 12th then please come down to the newest edition of:

Building Things for NG.

Here’s the link to register.

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or email the team.


To state the obvious, this is a very old thread (15 months counting). But thought to resurrect it as we had the 6th event last Thursday (Radar you do well!).

Also worth mentioning that apart from usual partners-in-crime like @sambydev, @ozoesono, @ADT, @abiola_omoniyi and @sugarkanke also met folks like @nke_ise and @Ogunleye_Damilare @saniyusuf etc from here last week.

Details? You can find recap here with pictures and speakers slides. So when next you’re in town, definitely worth dropping your email at to get notified of next meet up.


Hey All,

I know we haven’t updated you here in a while as we’ve been using our mailing lists.
But for those curious as to what’s happening /going on… we are starting 2018 with an interesting event which we believe is great for everyone in the ecosystem.

If you’re in London this Friday, you should definitely come down to what we’ve got in store.
Two links to find out more:



Lastly, if you’re into Bitcoin or AI, some of us have questions o, so please come.

See you on Friday!