Jobpalava: review your employers


The people at Stutern (@Keny) have built your Nigerian Glassdoor, for those of you who have been following that saga, haha.

What do you think? Uncle @binjoadeniran, come and take your tribute.


That was quick


Me sef, I shock.


Nice… I’m looking at a company which has 3/5 stars (average from 5 reviews) and 4/5 no recommends… I would say rankings need more work than just average stars.

I recommend a way to weigh points by rater status (current or previous staff, hearsay or customer service) and also factor in that recommend/not recommend metric.


Well done @keny. This was definitely needed! Hope it snowballs from here


When jobs no dey. Unless they are not paying.


:joy: lmaoo this one off me, i swear


Edited after realising this was actually not posted by the owners of jobpalava.

I think they really need to change the name. There is a very negative connotation towards “palava”. They definitely want to structure it in such a way that it is fair both to employees and employers. Most people who have had a company before and now working for someone would not want to have anything to do with that especially if they know they could end up being employers in the future.

They have to position themselves to make employers want to care about ratings there as well.
They should clearly follow what Glassdor is doing.

If they they think about revenue, who do they think is going to be paying the bills? Users who are coming to rave and rant about employers? Or is Ad alone going to be sufficient?

They should take a cue from Yelp as well. Let employers be able to take a look at their ratings and prolly respond as well.

Just my initial thoughts.


I’ll be happy to answer everyone’s question about Jobpalava. I’m one of them, at Stutern.

@stigwue, the stars are just overall summary of the rating. The story is in the content. Part of the rating form ask them about salary, whether they work in the company or not, the role they played there. We don’t see the other things to account for points. They pick the stars as a succinct expression of the review. I don’t see why iy should br that complicated. Any role is any role.

@websoftweb I agree with you that the name might make you think the purpose of the project sway to one side than the other. We wrote a story about “The meaning of Jobpalava” to keep the purpose remain the purpose. I already some four star ratings for Yudala, Interswith, Cregital and Genii Games. About the business model, that is a story for another day, maybe we might end up infusing it to and they both run a single product later. But right now, the site simple does what is does. And we hope employers and employees use it for the right purpose.

On the different note, does anyone have suggestions about how we can deal with fake reviews? We are seeing some already by the way. Thanks to everyone. Jobpalava is for the community.


How can you confirm that those inputting their info actually work for the said companies?


Can I rate with a yahoo/gmail email or do I have to use my official email address?


It’s user generated and it’s anonymous. It’s only by email.


Yahoo, gmail, official all works.

The reason for this is that the reviewer might have worked for the company before, so, they probably don’t have an official email again.


This is a good point @YoungSage. And really, we are yet to hack this. Is there a suggestion around this from anyone? For example, few employers reviewed their companies this morning and we were able to detect this through the email they used. Of course, the reviews were overly positive. Taking it a step further, some can use fake emails? How do you suggest we mitigate this?


Official mail or nothing in my opinion. For every one that fills the review, send them a confirmation link they must click on to verify identity. (But then again, the IT admin can set rules to disallow any mail from your domain) especially as you grow bigger. So that’s back to square 1

Also your Data privacy game must be 11/10. You know how we love to witch-hunt people here for giving their candid feedback


Regarding the use of emails as a means of verification. I think it would be good to consider how many startups/companies actually provide their employees with an official e-mail address. I know quite a number of companies don’t do this.


they need to get salary info and interview kini. basically be glassdoor for nigerian companies


OPE Oooo!!! At last someone did.


Asin no chill, i just posted a topic about this last week @lordbanks you remember now :joy::joy:


I just checked it out, why is there a Login page, it should be anonymous now!