Do we have any employee review site for Nigerian companies


I am currently in the process of changing jobs, but it has been challenging nosing around the companies i plan on sending my resume as i usually use Linkedin. Anyone knows a better method of investigating a company (based on how they treat their employees oh)?

Jobpalava: review your employers
Benchmarking in Nigerian startup land

I’m not aware of anything that performs the function of here.


None at all.


At Light inBottle, we’re working on something called ‘‘WhereTheWork’’ but until then, bros @lordbanks don yan…


Or you could crowdsource reviews. Make a list of the companies you’re looking into and your review criteria. Stick it in a spreadsheet and make the edit link public.


Thanks all…I think I’ll take the review route




Thanks…cos I don’t check taya


Nice :grinning:


@binjoadeniran you left out one important point - when are you publishing results?


@PapaOlabode They could make the results sheet public (view only). But @binjoadeniran could argue that it will cause a premature furore, and they want to do a controlled release. But IDK. It’s an interesting gunpowder keg to be sitting on.


Thanks @binjoadeniran will check it out


Serious gunpowder! But these things have to be done. I know we hate hard truths but then, if founders are prancing about like baby Jesus, should the world not know they’re not?

In time, the affected startups/founders would see this as a favour. Culture matters and it starts with how we treat our people.


Exactly oh


I stumbled on on LindaIkeji’s blog last year.


Well done - really good that you shared publicly so quickly. Folks - get in - and :eyes: at results by yourself!

In any case, @binjoadeniran I just checked the original questions, and feel you might have balanced it out slightly by ‘attempting’ to find out if the employee was even suitable/performing at the expected level. It’s probably lacking 1 or 2 of tnose type of questions.

Anyways, good job man…really mportant that we continue to have these conversations.


Would be nice if we could have a graph/infographic of the data.

Am looking and am Wow’ed


Will check it out :blush:


Hello @binjoadeniran can I get this report as an excel document? I could only download as pdf


@binjoadeniran, the title says present & past employers, but the content/questions are written to question past experiences.