Benchmarking in Nigerian startup land


Nigerian startup data is hard to come by. This makes benchmarking one’s practices virtually impossible. I was thus delighted to come across the startup employee survey in this thread.

I’m using the data to help me benchmark how I treat current and potential employees. Easiest to start with of course is salaries. This is very crude with multiple biases and observational errors, so take with many bags of salt.

Judging by this, you could probably get away with offering 50k as a starting salary.

This would suggest a salary around 75k as quite competitive.

To arrive at this, I took a midpoint of the salary range provided in the survey. The 150k wasn’t included in a range, so represented it as 150k in the ‘With 150k’ set as it was impossible to know the exact amount.

There are multiple ways to slice this data to provide more insight. The above two are quick and useful insights.

Please keep the data coming. We all need it so we can benchmark things.


There’s some more data here:


Doesn’t the job role matter? You might be benchmarking salaries of, say, software developers against that of secretaries.


I was going to say that. Op didn’t factor in the fact that different job roles were part of the survey and a benchmark should be dependent on job role


This is only when he/she is an intern or in a non technical role or both. Going by the survey you pointed out earlier almost everyone with a salary range around 50k was an intern an mostly in a non technical role


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