Is there any truly reliable web host in Nigeria?


Smartweb??? PLS RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! i had to leave too, now i use namecheap …Smartweb server is always going down.


It might seem like an advert but i have tried Cloudhost and it was very ok. Moreso its prices are cheap


Hi! Why would you want to use a web hosting company in Nigeria? I’ve had terrible experiences with them. I wrote a blog post about a reliable alternative for Nigerians, especially for those people having a budget constraint: (


Hi @t.obaniyi,
nice of you to swing into action in here.

If this is how you guys respond to issues swiftly, @Eddy_Eddy won’t have to write this article in the first place.

I can list 1 thousand and 1 reasons why y’all (WhoGoHost) are terrible, 999th on the list is not having an explanation for why my server was suspended and still not doing anything to fix it for almost 2 months now.
Yet you can still send me black friday deals, terribly terrible.

I recommended someone to use your service, the following week after he was happy to go live, server down for days, when restored files were deleted and missing - and then an apology email, till date i lost my credibility with him.

You’ll never earn my trust back even if you ask me for my ticket ID, cos I now you wont fix sh*t!

My regards to Bimbo, whoever that is.



I responded to a similar topic somewhere here
I think I’ve gannered great experience on different nigerian hosts

Back in the days as a fresh website designer
First magento website i built, was on web4africa and i had a client in the Uk she kept complaining until i lost the hosting right and she made me move it to siteground . walahi I enjoyed their service and I also forked out serious money to move all my websites there…for 2 years best servers speed & customer service ever. Until dollar transaction wahala and as a matter of urgency had to transfer my main site testedtechs …website design and ict consulting to whogohost

And thats the worst mistake ever…within one month, over 40 tickets…these are low traffic wordpress sites and they die like a candles in the wind.database error, crawling speed etc, htaccess palava…thank God I paid for only 3 months…i moved from there 3rd day in 2nd month… After i heard of qservers.

Those guys are the siteground of Nigeria.… Awesome service so far…now i only think of what to do with my website not checking every hour to know if its still up…its been up always with an impressive speed.

Had 2 clients on smartweb.…those guys av serious malware threats…sql injection palava…website password and email changed…phpmyadmin saved my face.
Presently. I can’t personally update nameservers on domains purchased from them…you have to raise ticket for that…and i have raised this issue severally.

Final verdict…qservers…the best for now…hope they wont give me a reason to re-edit this response

A friend also ventured into the webhosting space and it seems its getting good traction already. Dochosts…website and blog hosting.


Hello, I know this topic has been discussed multiple times and I apologize if this has already been answered but I was wanted to find out if there are any Nigerian based hosts that provide full (root) access to the server similar to digital ocean or EC2 instead of cpanel access.


What me I know is that whatever you do, dont use whogohost, it will be a YUGE mistake.


Please how has it been?


so… In Conclusion, is there actually any reliable web hosting company in Nigeria?


There are a few semi-reliable hosts available. I say semi-reliable based on experience and I mean so because they dont know the full capability or understand fully well the service they are providing and how to address issues when they arise. One good host I would recommend because of the service I received is Gigalayer.


NOPE, I guess not


Nope, whogohost is the worst :disappointed: :disappointed:


Bimbo shouldn’t be in customer service, she’s very rude. So dissapointed @ whogohost. :disappointed: :disappointed:

#35 is pretty new in the space but has the best client satisfaction I have noticed in this ecosystem. Not to sound like am holding brief for them, its uptime is 100%. It site uptime status check records that and now I can boldly say its TRUE!


Fortunate enough I think there is a new sheriff in town now,
I was shocked to discover a Nigeria hosting platform can boast of 100% uptime and most importantly customer support that’s is just too good to be true.
I recommend


I think
It’s primarily every developer dream.


Fora such as this must be encouraged maybe we will start putting the end-user first in our production. It’s a pity that this have become our lot. Fortunate enough we are getting there, atleast some group of developers have been spurned by this kind of discussion and now it has birthed
I can’t believe that I will come across a Nigeria hosting company with the level of satisfaction those folks are pulling on me.
I recommend for your hosting solutions, period.


Unfortunately, cheap is a synonym for bad service.
We shouldn’t be competing for price at this level, we need quality.
Give a quality service with the price high and I will be glad to do business with you. So long as I don’t have keep looking up my site every hour to check if it still there or disappeared.


I think Leanstack web hosting might be that. They relatively new but seems to be doing reasonably well plus its every developer delight with docker(container tech) integration in his plans


Has anyone tried Hostnownow? On low traffic sites i haven’t had any issues with them so far and customer service has been great.
I think one thing to note is, only host low traffic small sites on Naija hosts. Even a complicated Wordpress site could easily have issues in no time.