Is there any truly reliable web host in Nigeria?


You’re the owner of leanstack :confused:
Why not just put it in disclaimer!


I wish I am but am not.
Used it and I luv it.


Why the f*** will you even want to use a “Made in Nigeria” host its NOT even cheaper

Short Answer? NO


Try iCore Host. Their aim is to be the most reliable in Nigeria.


I used to think was the best in Nigeria but after a recent incident where they accidentally deleted my server without having no backup whatsoever , i can confidently say there is no reliable web host in Nigeria.

I run an internet business and had 5 websites on that server. They wiped out everything without my permission and worse , they had no backup of my cpanel.

Who does that?

It was painful and very annoying because i have the money to pay for the best hosting companies abroad but gave gigalayer a chance because i wanted to support Naija companies. Now look how they screwed me.

Never going to use a Naija host again. EVER!


I feel your pain @kelz. I also had enough to host anywhere but chose to host in Nigeria to support our tech and was severely screwed by whogohost for this a while back. At that time, I really regreted hosting in Nigeria. I was about to switched to Hostgator (I hosted with them for years and never had any problem; that was before switching to a Nigerian host) but then I thought about it… If we all run abroad because we had an issue with Nigeria, then this country is dead! And unlike some people, I don’t have dual citizenship. I have just the one. So it’s like with a sinking ship, if the ship goes down, everyone on it goes down also. That’s how I decided to use another Nigerian host.


Is there a need to host locally? I mean you can host anywhere as long as the cdn / edge nodes as close to Nigeria things should be fine.

I don’t feel any qualms not hosting in Nigeria.

Is it wrong to accept our hosting companies aren’t yet world class?