Is there any truly reliable web host in Nigeria?


I know the first comment would be WhoGoHost. Yes, i have tried WhoGoHost and had several issues that i complained about and it was not fixed so i decided to move on to and honestly right now i would say i left the frying pan and went straight into the fire.

First issue, on a weekly basis someone/something/an alien/whomever it may be would change my cpanel password and i wont get any notification to my email or in my smartweb account, I complained and got tired or submitting tickets.

Second issue, the server would go down unexpectedly, like 3 times in 30 mins and it would take like 5 mins for it to be accessible again.

Third issue, this was the last strike and i couldnt take it anymore. I accessed my website and to my surprise i saw a server error that the site could not connect to the mysql database and it just displayed the mysql connection on the page (php tags, session start, timezone setting, variables, the host, username and password)… i mean, no “error page” or “website isnt available” default page?? Then i decided to go check the error and to my very big surprise, i opened the cpanel and the username and password was working, but when i opened “mysql databases” i saw this error:

“The MySQL server is currently offline.
Timeout: Alarm”

i cant access phpmyadmin also, i cant even copy out my database and move to somewhere reliable which leads to my main question: IS THERE ANY TRULY RELIABLE WEB HOST IN NIGERIA?

Anyone knows the best hosting company in Nigeria?


Is there a particular reason why want a Naija host? Can’t you just register the domain with them and point it to GoDaddy or 1&1 ?


I am aware of the various options. I also make use of Arvixe, and hostgator.

My point is with the emerging online market for Nigerian tech industry as a whole (e-commerce, online video platforms, online games, API etc), is there no trusted hosting provider that one can recommend and speak highly of?
In this present time in Nigeria, should help be sorted outside the shores of Nigeria? What if the Buhari administration didnt remove the ban on using naira cards on websites outside Nigeria because of foreign students, does that mean the only thing for us to do is watch our domain/hosting plans run out, expire and we just keep quiet?


If you believe there is a need for this, why don’t you start one?

All you need is a domain registrar, dedicated server, cpanel, WHMCS, server management company and a support desk.

You can start a hosting company for about $30 per month but the real challenge is getting the customers and keeping the spammers away.

So what is stopping you?


I really don’t understand why you started this thread when there’s a similar one




Been using GigaLayer for two years now.


Hi Eddy,

I am so sorry to hear that you have had issues using our services. I will like to personally resolve this issue for you. Can you kindly reply this thread with your ticket ID (when you send us a mail, a ticket ID is generated) so that I can understand the issue and attend to it promptly? I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced and we will do our best to ensure that your complaints are resolved.

Hope to hear from you soon.



yes gigalayer is good


@Eddy_Eddy I am currently experiencing the same problem you had with smartweb just now. I actually got the project out of the hand of a previous developer who registered them on smartweb. Now the softaculous isnt working, so i cnt install wordpress… Tried creating it manually and its not connecting to the db. i tried even to do a livechat with the host company and found out the contact page is not even dynamic neither would it create the pop out live chat.
Im about to tell the client to purchase another hosting and basically i dont think there is any good hosting in Nigeria. Also buying your domain here and pointing to a foreign host coy also has it problems. sighs.
It is well for 9ja.


What ever happened to Godaddy, DigitalOcean or AWS ??? @Uche_Prince_Nwulu


What problems bro?


Yes there are thousands of web hosts and domain registrars around the world. From my original post, i based my observation/complaint on Nigeria and not elsewhere.
Lemme through the question to you. “Can you recommend a Nigerian web host that is 100% reliable”?


I understand @Eddy_Eddy. My response wasn’t to the OP. It was based on the following;

I however can’t presently recommend one.
Fingers-crossed, a Radarian will light up one soon enough. Couple of folks have been asking me same question for the past two weeks.


Have you tried hosting with They are truly Nigerian and not even most of the foreign hosting companies compare to them. I sincerely have first-hand experience with them.


Acccording to news 2 days ago PMB has started a push into moving data on Nigerians stored outside the shores of the country back to Nigeria.

This is a positive move and a resounding alert concerning my observation/question in the first place. Hopefully this would move current and potential data hosting companies to sit up.


Lol. That entire article because of one datacenter in what I would assume to be a single availability zone?


lol thats true. But the main point is the fact that we need reliable data hosts in Nigeria


@Eddy_Eddy, try using they has 4datacenters with autho backups. I have known them for 2years and no issues.

I am sure you will find what you are looking for with them.