Whogohost Server Downtime/Failure; An open letter to whogohost


Are you still getting such error? If yes , clear your system and your browser’s cache


Too bad to see this kind of comments in here, ever since i heard Jason Njoku said some good things about them back in April, i have been contemplating moving all my websites hosted by some foreign guys down to dem Whogohost guys. Funny enough i and a friend were gonna carry out that migration of over 82 websites each(as we both run VPSes)this month to WhogoHost.

Now, they just lost me. I was hoping to see a staff from Whogohost address this issue on this thread, that way i may still have considered but fast foward 8 days since this thread got created, some bitter reviews and no body addressing them. I have to advice myself.


They must have their hands full beyond measure right now.

And it must be madly depressing dealing with disgruntled customers, when you know first hand what they’ll be complaining about and it squarely your fault.

They’ll be stuck here for quite sometime, if they survive it. Wishing them the very best!


Smartweb will just give you headache. i hosted a a web app for logistics management with them and it was one problem after another. From being unable to access my database to the server being completely down to useless and nonsense excuses. I just moved to globalhosting247 and took panadol. I cannot kee myself


And I’m shaking my head to be sure i didnt make a wrong choice moving from siteground to whogohost bcos of dollar challenges…i noticed something strange on smartweb, cant update nameservers for my domain and every ticket has been ignored…Probably they’re also going down next


@kochu sorry about this. Same lost my client’s website in almost same way to smartweb earlier this year.

Its why I moved to Gigalayer since its US based.

Nigerian Host though…smh


Let us not be too critical of Nigerian hosts. From the various comments I’ve read in here, I’ve only seen complaints about 2 or maybe 3 Nigerian hosts, and I believe we have much more hosts which are serving their clients just fine and one of them is www.qservers.net, I’m not marketing for them anyway, just sharing my experience (just in case anyone feels like switching, though I don’t guarantee a 100% efficiency) since I’ve been using them for really long time, I’ve hosted a few websites under them and they’ve been fine and always online.

I’m not taking this personal though, buh what do you mean by the above sir?


Hmmm. Find a way to move back.


Wow, probably one of the bad choices you could have made. I don’t even use any webhost in Naija at all.


I really made a bad choice indeed, Just found out I havent received one email since i moved to whogohost 1 month ago, raised a ticket and we’ve been on the issue for three days now, no solution…I troubleshoot every mx detail i know, still not working.

I thought business wasnt doing fine not knowing that my host has droppped all my mails outta sight

first it was downtime issue, next crawling speed, which i saved with cloudflare…now emails…
May God see me throught this week…I’m definitely out.

they should be renamed #NothingToHost

Is there any truly reliable web host in Nigeria?

Do these people read all these?
How can they not care about customer satisfaction?
Better to have few happy customers than many ex-customers that will make sure no one uses you again


I am having the exact same problems with them. I am not going to renew any of my plans with them, ever again, and I will never work with a Nigerian host ever again.


I’m actually really curious to know if web hosting is innately a hard business? I mean WGH is not exactly a new startup - so why does it appear that every few months, they let their customers down in a major way?

I’m also curious to know how the top people in WGH react to customers public complaints? Surely @t.obaniyi as the CEO must have seen this thread. So is the default reaction to ignore and hope the problem goes away? Or do you contact the OP ( @kochu did anyone contact you?), and say ‘to hell with everyone else’ (even though they’re potential customers who saw the original thread)? Or perhaps you’ve been wrongly advised that responding to your customer concerns publicly, is a sign of weakness? I personally think there’s a better approach to handle the incessant complaints.

One thing that I know will happen - Tomorrow someone will say patronise Nigerian business. But does anyone notice how we can be our worse enemies? Shabby practices leads to frustrated customers, who desperately search for alternative solutions (at least judging from this thread).

Somehow, I really want to believe that this is just a one off but extreme example of bad customer service. But then this is 3 months later, so maybe it’s the new normal.


Who go host smh, if they couldnt respond to the thread by even contacting each person 1 by 1 shows how they operate smh…


@PapaOlabode, they did send an email days after with their favorite line;

we regret all inconveniences…

After a few mail exchanges with delays in response and endless apologies without actions, I have seen that incompetence is embedded in their DNA. Thus, it bothers them not.

Hosting with a Nigerian company shouldn’t be a CRIME and need not be an Anti Pattern.


Lol… A bit harsh though


I remember when @xolubi brought this issue up. I thought it was going to go away fast.

So, I got a similar email to his own: harsh and unfriendly.

I took my time to draft a more customer centric email ( and sent a personal copy to @tobaniyi). I also spoke to one of his staff about the issue in a Tech meeting sometimes this year.

Guess what? Nothing (probably) happened.

In addition to that, when the particular client’s domain expired, he paid for renewal, yet they still kept the account suspended.

Like @PapaOlabode said, this might be the new normal (or maybe, their main host is also letting them down beyond what they can help.)


I’ve realised that I don’t really care about Who Go Host and whatever the CEO decides to do with his company.

But I do care about what their actions say about how we do things. Specifically, I care about myself. You see, just like them, maybe I’m going to be completely self-centred, consumed with my own ego, and profit. So this morning, I wondered about the following:

• Like at what point do I deem my company successful enough (years of operations or profit?), that I can’t be bothered to respond to customers complaints ?

• When would I recognise that I can rely on the general apathy of Nigerians & lack of rule of law, to serve BS on a constant basis to everyone I interact with? I mean what are the chances they care and can do anything about it - zero.

• At what inverse point is my company successful enough, that my incompetence drops (remember in my mind - I’m great!), so that I can assume that ‘just one angry customer’ is fine and wouldn’t hurt?

• Then at what specific junction does that same incompetence fall to allow me organise customer service in my startup, like a Nigerian party. You know the ones where you don’t get the very special menu, if the person serving doesn’t know you. So if you’re not a super star customer, known name in society or have a personal connection to me, and making a complaint - I can’t be bothered.

• How and where do I find employees and colleagues to have a great culture in my company, where I personally don’t care about customers complaints, but they care a lot? So they know ‘do as I say’ (not do as I do), is what counts.

• When do I wake up and realise that ‘dignity in work’ and ‘reputation’ are just stuff of fantasies. They don’t matter here.

• That the irony of telling artisans like carpenter, bricklayer, tailor etc - ‘your work sucks because you have no standards’, completely eludes me. Because of course, unlike them, I’m educated and it means I automatically comply to ‘best practices and standards’.

Anyways, I guess I just have to wait to find the above out. But it’s good to publicly write this out, so I can help myself (and others), not to turn out like this company.

P.S watching this unfold is similar to how bystanders react to accidents. They instinctively want to help. Whereas the offending motorist just wants to drive away and forget the interruption to his journey. Even with the blood splatter on the windscreen.


The guys at Whogohost had better get their act together before the answer to their name becomes “Nobody”.


While all this is going on, they will not address it. Instead the’ll be sending mail.