Whogohost Server Downtime/Failure; An open letter to whogohost


One of my client’s website running on Whogohost has been down for the past two days. I got a mail from Whogohost this morning on what I thought was impossible in 2016 from a hosting company.
Note: I run scheduled backups on the server.

I appeal to Whogohost to get the site up as it is an e-commerce site with a lot of transactional data.

See mail below.

Hello Kingsley,

On the 9th of August, we reported a hardware failure on one of our servers “chicken server” which has led to a couple sites on the server being unavailable.

It pains us deeply to inform you that the failure has led to the irrevocable loss of all or some files (including backups) which will prevent your site from working. We’ve traced the cause to a technical failure which was noticed too late.

Affected domain: xyz.com
We are deeply sorry and we know that there is nothing we can say or do to compensate enough for the loss of your files and information. Over the course of today, tomorrow and the next, a senior staff of Whogohost will be reaching out to you via phone to discuss/collaborate with you on possible options to get your site back online.

You have trusted us with your website, and we’ve failed you. This is the biggest tragedy and first of its kind that this company has faced in its 9 years of existence.

We have determined to invest more in backups of backups across locations to ensure that in the event of a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances, we can still beat our chests to say you will have your site back up in no time.

We want to plead with you - do not let this shape your experience or opinion about WhoGoHost. This will never repeat itself and you can be assured of the best customer-centric services as usual.

Should you want to discuss further rather than wait for the call, you can email me, the CEO directly via ceo@whogohost.com and I will be more than happy to discuss with you.


Toba O.
CEO, Whogohost Limited`

I have tried reaching them directly but no response yet.



And some people rant about transferring value to foreign economies when we rely on their products / services, why wouldn’t we? This is a result of greed. What would it take a company like them to invest in disaster recovery infrastructure?

I’m sorry about your ordeal, @kochu. Consider investing in established providers going forward.


Thanks @Ralph. If this does not end well, I’ll transfer all my accounts with them to AWS.


I actually never use local hosts for critical projects because of things like this. I mean if a 9 year old company can have this sort of problem, then why should one trust any local hosting startup?

A lot of them also seem to have Certificate mismatch/ SSL errors, making visitors think your site is a danger zone.


It was actually very embarrassing when one of my sites with them failed to load yesterday while I was discussing a deal with a potential partner/supplier.

Lets just say the deal fell through when the said supplier tried to access my website hosted by whogohost and the thing did not come up…

I have been on the neck of whogohost since morning, their customer service guys were telling me to clear browser cache and all…yet the error 404 problem persisted.

The thing just came back on moments ago…

same thing happened to my typeform 2 or 3 days ago…


Sue them, if possible.
Many Nigerian businesses have refused to wake up.


@alpontif Man, that’s why it’s great to have a github page or codepen, just in case.


For database driven websites like e-Commerce stores, that’s not much of a solution.


Yeah, and with rapidly changing data…


If all you want is a demo site (in case your main site is unavailable), you can use free hosted databases. N\But then, AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure would probably just be easier.



Well, they did apologize and use the corporate mumbo jumbo and i thank them for remembering to do that at least but its a ISP that supposed to have a 90-99.9% uptime rate meaning from the GET GO they should have partnered with Tier 1-3 Data centers to store and replicate and keep replicating data while keeping them safe and archived and only reachable when and if( Natural disaster) Kind of issue occurs.

Other ISPs need to take note, while i agree anything can happen, dont wait for it to occur.

Sue them and let this be a lesson, they arent kids, 9 years isnt beans if they couldnt do this then i dont trust them at all.


Nigeria has a lot of problems when it comes to infrastructure and as a result, I have never trusted any Nigerian hosting company to host my projects. Electricity is still a problem, talk-less of achieving 99% up time. Digital Ocean and AWS all the way. See as @kochu and @alpontif don lose business.


Me after seeing Whogohosts’s apology email after recently loosing my localhost back up


Hmmm, have been waiting for someone to put this up. I got the same mail for one of my website with them…waiting for the said call for almost 48hrs now.
The sad thing is that “sorry” won’t rectify some mistakes. I still have like 15 more with them, I hope and pray nothing will happen O.


I subscribed with them some 48 hrs ago and i cannot access my cpanel account and my website design.
I keep seeing this each time i tried opening my site

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at webmaster@reimglobalng.com to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

please can anyone help me out with a solution to this?


@oluwajoba Hope and pray? You know if anything happens to the remaining 15 I won’t feel sorry for you, right? I’d probably even say it serves you right. Better move to AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure this very minute.


Seems to be Up from my end. Can you check that your script is properly configured?

On Hosting: Downtimes are normal even Big Hosting companies have downtimes but it’s sad that most Nigerian hosting companies have a poor and non-chalant attitude (2 days+ ?) towards times like this. There are so many problems affecting owning a server in Nigeria of which skills, power supply and benin witch crafts are a few. If you must walk this lane, you need to be prepared.

No matter how hard I try to implement the #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira policy in my life, it just does not work with hosting Important projects for now.


It’s back on.


The day wey SmartWeb do me ehn! I actually wanted to start crying…all through out the weekend. Up to 15 websites…The worst is that when they came back online, i had to start sending them domains one by one.
That was sometimes last year but since then…I’ve never experienced such. Though they never did any serious apology till today.


u need a new host, it may be one day and it might be VERY COSTLY.