Ekaette Services. Why? What? When?


LOOL! Just doing my job o.


Prophecy leleyi…

@Noski Your work is cut out for you now.


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Hol Up! dem don get you! :laughing:


Calabar boy is cross. :slight_smile: Oga Ekaete,you should probably have a disclaimer on your page regarding the identity “Ekaete”.
By the way, the name isn’t appealing sincerely,its a turn off.


Aunty why are you always on “the other side”?


We wait and see,if am just being honest or I simply enjoy victimizing people. Let’s wait and see what happens to this business,a year from now.


The guy wey vex pass allow 3 years for the swear, your own na 1 year.

And neither you or @TrollMcTrollface have mentioned anything wrong with the business herself besides a personal saltiness with the name.

I never saw a business fail solely because of the name. Have you?


Nothing is cast in stone,I may be wrong with my hypothesis.


Typical. Pointing out the patent stupidity in giving a business a name that is genuinely offensive is “personal saltiness”. How very Nigerian of you.

As I pointed out on this thread, many people on this forum behind all their pretences to enlightenment really wouldn’t look out of place selling pirated DVDs of ‘The Flash’ at Idumota.


I don’t think it’s offensive naming a business by that name.

The name perfectly describes the service in today’s contemporary Nigeria. Predicting that a business will fail in 3years because of the name is baseless.


The name perfectly describes the service in today’s contemporary Nigeria.

Right. “Ekaette” “perfectly describes” an errand service.

This is the same hopelessly ignorant lack of awareness that labels all Igbo people as “flat headed drug pushers”, and Yoruba people as “Afonja betrayers”.

You know what? I agree. “Ekaette” is fair game for so-called “majority” ethnicities to engage with their transparent nudge-nudge-wink-wink ethnic chauvinism. It’s fine.

But when another bright spark comes out with a peer-to-peer app connecting drug users to drug dealers and names it “Ibe Dikachim Services”, don’t say a word of protest.

We’re all seeing the beginning of the rabbit hole here but we’re happy to keep going down the hole because for now it’s not our business. It’s Ok.


To add; genuinely offensive to you. I personally can’t feel your pain.

The only limitation I see with the name may be the difficulty in branding Ekaette as a professional personal assistant. The stereotype places ‘her’ firmly with domestic, menial tasking.

@TrollMcTrollface you just committed the same crime you’re foaming about, stereotyping a group based on a commonality.

The full gist you missed is that those Idumota boys fit put 3 ekaette for house. No stress.


Of course. Similarly, “Ibe Dikachim P2P Cocaine Services” might be offensive to you. But since I am not Igbo, I am not personally offended, so that makes it ok. Someone can launch an offering targeting an entire market and then specifically choose a name guaranteed to piss off a large part of that market simply because it doesn’t offend him personally. That’s fine. Presumably he will buy his market himself, since business is about him and not his market.

No! You don’t say!

Thanks for telling me. Say hi to your 3 Ekaettes at home. Abadi e?


I see your point, it’s subtle. But I see it.

If it hadn’t been smouldered by your excitement earlier I’d have noticed sooner.

To most Nigerians, ‘Mallam’ may be purely derogatory, but the like of Sanusi Lamido, bore the title Proudly as a Bank Chief. Which went a long way to launder the unwanted stereotype surrounding the name.

I don’t begrudge you the noble attempt. Godspeed.

But do make certain the present service is actually not founded by your kinsman before you start shooting others.


@TrollMcTrollface drug dealing is illegal. Carrying out errands is not.


And what will you say about http://helloalfred.com?
Offensive to everyone named “Alfred”?


I’m not playing your game of whataboutery with you. You know EXACTLY what this is about. If you wanna be cute, feel free.


Loool. Classic evading of the question. Didn’t expect that from you, sir. Not to mention your stepping over the disconnect between your"drug dealing" analogy and the current situation.


Travis CI and Jenkins CI, all used the name to represent butlers.