Ekaette Services. Why? What? When?


I think its a good idea regardless of the naming. People already relate well with it so you don’t need to explain too much what the service is about. Besides if it works well it will become the Ekaette we will all love.


You’re preaching to the choir, I have no hangups over the name. You might want to direct your calming influence to @Uduak, he’s the one who’s sworn off the service.


Lol. I’m new at this so I have not gotten a hang of replying. I hope he sees the message though.


Hi @Noski I reffered Benedicta Edherigho of BuyOkrika.com . She sure needs some Ekaette services in her life… LOL…


That’s the plan, to make it the Ekaette we all love. The name wasn’t used in the context of anything regarding slaves or house helps, @Uduak .

The real meaning is actually ‘Paternal Grandmother’, but the name itself signifies someone who is intelligent, reliable, trustworthy, and all the other good stuff, hence the reason I mentioned the name really expresses the values of the service.

I will have Ekaette draft a post on the blog regarding the entire brand soon. Just to clear things up.


LOL! Thank You.


Saw on your IG that we can use Ekaette for free till Dec 1st 2016… How true is that? And Is it that we have our own private Ekaette or we all share the same Ekaette… We go use work kill the Ekaette ooo…


You’re correct. You can use Ekaette for free without paying any salary until December 1st, 2016.

LOL! Ekaette is ready for the work.


She said Ekaette is not responding ooo… Inbox me your number, Let her call you directly, Oga Ekaette…



I like how the service sounds and the clarity you have about how to approach it.

But except you are a hardcore Akwa Ibom son of the soil, the name will appear patronizing. Sometimes controversy brings publicity and attention to the business. This has an upside and a downside. I just hope you are clear about this. And you need to decide as you build this brand (or not)

Well done. Cheers!


Ekaette is an innovative product. Well done!
Just as someone stated earlier on here, you should change the tittle of the homepage from ekaette-services to ekaette services. The former might harm your SEO


Hey George,

Thanks for the input.

The name was definitely well thought out before we began building on it. Whereas clarification has been made on several occasions regarding the logic behind it, I believe people will still stir up some sort of controversy, merely on the assumption that the name was used in a derogatory way, which it wasn’t.

Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Thank You!

Really been trying to fix this site title. Been having problems with it. Will have them look into it again. I believe they fixed everything else.


Leslie, Are you sure Whatsapp doesn’t support Bots?

It’s well worth exploring.


Also, the fact that this thread is more than a week old and yet nobody thought it fit to call out the obvious and monstrous stupidity of giving a startup this kind of name kind of says it all about the radar community - well versed in the terminology and false consciousness learnt from Reddit and Cracked.com, but when you get right down to it, still as ignorant and obnoxiously Nigerian as the Ketu Imam who wakes the neighbourhood at 4.30am with a loudspeaker.


LOL! Please do some research on the name and then get back to me.

Thank You.


Oh btw.

  1. I don’t code.
  2. I’m the Business Dev. Manager, not the owner/founder, nor the person who came up with the name. I do stand behind the name though. I support it.
  3. Don’t forget to do that research, and then get back to me. :slight_smile:


Of course, the Nigerian arrogance comes out when its bearer is confronted by someone calling him out.

Never mind me, it’s you that needs to do some basic research. Not only am I part-Anang with my mum from Ikot-Epene in Akwa Ibom, I speak Ibibio fluently and my mum’s name is Ekaette, so I know exactly what it means in Efik, Ibibio and Anang. The issue was never what the English translation of Ekaette is (which practically nobody outside of Cross River and Akwa Ibom would know anyway), but what general idea that name conjures up in contemporary Nigerian culture.

But of course you know this very well and you are doing that passive-aggressive Nigerian thing where you try to win an argument by subtly insulting the other person’s intelligence because you know that on the strengths of your own argument, you have no leg to stand on. Carry on, and by all means find it funny.

You won’t last 3 years.


Lol. I promise I’m not insulting your intelligence. My comments are in no way condescending, and I apologise if they seem that way.

I’m simply trying to have an amicable conversation here, but you’re not making it easy, buddy.

You know what? How about you sign up on the Mailing List, and when Ekaette sends out her next blog post which I believe is going to cover everything behind the brand, including the name, you’ll be able to read it.

How does that sound?


Marketer :raised_hands: