Ekaette Services. Why? What? When?


Hey Folks,

Hope you’re all doing well. My name is Nosa (Obv.) and I’m the Business Dev. Manager at Ekaette Services. Now, before you act on any preconceived notions you may have on what this is about, I suggest you ask questions, which I’ll be more than happy to answer.

You can also check out the website & blog for more info, but I’m not sure if I’m meant to post the links here, or if we need some form of approval beforehand. Let me know.

Ekaette is a virtual personal assistant (Bros, keep reading. Don’t give up now.) who you can contact via WhatsApp to run a wide range of errands for you (Here we go, another errand service.) Yes, we know about the other errand services that have existed in the past, and the extant ones as well, but if you read the Ekaette story, you’ll be able to discern between brand features, qualities and overall service.

Think of Ekaette more as a Personal Concierge, than just an Errand Service.

We’ve been beta testing since September, trying to garner real data from users, in terms of what people want and need, and it’s been going well so far. We plan to launch on December 1st, 2016.

As you can imagine, we’ve been questioned on the name, which some have come to accept after carrying out further research on it. Contrary to erroneous assumptions, the name ‘Ekaette’ encapsulates all the good features of the service.

Anyway, I’ll like to know if any of you have used any virtual personal assistants (or “errand services”) in the past and ways you think they can improve in order to actually add value to your everyday lives.

I’ll like to know your thoughts, opinions, and get some constructive criticism.

Actually, let me just answer a few questions here.

  1. Ekaette is only available in selected areas of Lagos & Abuja for now.

  2. It’s a subscription model. You pay a “salary” of N3,000/Month and Ekaette is available to run all your errands between 9am-3pm on weekdays. There are 2 other monthly packages of N5k & N10k.

  3. You can only contact Ekaette via WhatsApp for now.

Alright, that’s it.

Looking forward to your comments and questions.

Thank You.

Wonderful, i don't need to give out my Account Number to get paid Again
  1. You’ve got some great writing skills. That title is a sure attention-grabber. Plus your clear, concise and interactive writing style… Awesome
  2. Sure you can post your links as needed. In fact, you should.
  3. I like the idea. A new take on virtual assistants.
  4. Hope there is trial period? :slight_smile:

  1. Thank You, @Diakon ! I appreciate it.

  2. Great! The website is www.EkaetteServices.com. The link to the Blog is on the site.

  3. Glad you like it! At your convenient time, you can read the ‘Mission & Vision’ post on the blog if you’re interested in finding out cool features for the future.

  4. Oh yes. We’ll, we’re currently in the trial period. The beta phase is open to the public. So all you need to do is add the number on WhatsApp (+234 908 082 1111) and start assigning tasks.


What would be more awesomer?
If Ekaette was a bot?!

Unfortunately, Whatsapp doesn’t support bots but I’m sure there’s a walk around for that.


This tho: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8uep7dzz0psaf3/Screenshot%202016-11-14%2018.08.01.png?dl=0


I love the fact you mentioned that. Go read the Mission & Vision blog post. The vision in particular.


There’s meant to be a signup form there. I’ll look into it as to why it’s not popping up. Thanks.


Noski u just remind me of GetMagic or GoButler, thers a strong product you have there, we can DM to discuss :slight_smile:


Er… Your site needs some work, I think.

  1. The title of the site is “ekaette-services”. I don’t know much about SEO and all (probably ask @Ogechi_Daniel_Ndukwe) but that doesn’t look good.

  2. The “How it works” section doesn’t really call me to action. I’d advise you use a mixture of images and hero text to do this. For instance,
    How It Works

  • Add Ekaette on whatsapp at +234…
    (Then maybe a screenshot or nice image)

  • Assign tasks. Here you could use a carousel of screenshots showing sample tasks

  • Relax. A pic of someone relaxing? Feet up, drinking coffee, maybe

  1. The colours of the site aren’t really inspiring

  2. Also, cut down on mentioning “Ekaette” everywhere ie “Ekaette does this, Ekaette wants this” etc. It’s no longer endearing, just repetitive.

  3. Aim for a better visual presentation of your site. You could write a paragraph to convince me to use Ekaette, but it would be much better to use eye-catching, attention-grabbing images and screenshots that show how she can be useful in my life. Don’t overdo it, though. Just remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  4. Your favicon can barely be seen on mobile. I’d advise you crop it to the girl’s head; no need for the text. .

  5. You could add a CTA button that probably launches the dialer with the Ekaette number filled in. On most Android phones, there’s a button to “Add to Contacts” when this happens. Just make sure it’s clear to users what you need them to do.

  6. Don’t rely on videos. You never know who will or won’t watch them. I didn’t.

  7. Your mailing list form… Don’t you think you’re asking for too much information. Do you really need a user’s name, moreso first and last name separately? I can understand the “city”, even though I think you could scrap it, but the name part really isn’t useful. For best results, try condensing that form to a single field… Email address. Till get more sign ups that way. I personally might have signed up, but when I realized I had to enter all that info just to keep receiving emails… Nope (Side note: about repetition. You have “subscribe to our mailing list” twice)

  8. I nearly didn’t find the blog. Why not move it to the nav menu, not a button near the bottom?

  9. The nav menu is slow to expand/collapse, slow to respond to touches… Don’t know why this is?

  10. The Pricing section… Once again, visual is better. That table is nearly unreadable to my poor eyes on my phone. I think you’d be much better off ditching it for maybe cards. Take a look at how http://kongapay.com does it, for instance.

Hope this helps @Noski :slight_smile:


I do like your team’s spirit. If you guys need a helping hand (maybe pro bono, maybe not :slight_smile:) you can DM me. I do Android and backend web, and I’m enthusiastic about UX.


Thanks man.

We can def discuss.


This is great stuff, @Diakon! Thanks a lot. Can’t lie, a lot of things you mentioned were overlooked before, but we’ll definitely have to go back to the drawing board and make a few changes.

I appreciate it.

Also, we’ll most likely be needing some technical support further down the line. I’ll let you know.


What a beautiful Idea…!!


That name, Ekaette… feels personal… #iLike


Awesome stuff going down here…I’ve been working on a personal assistant shopping chatbot for a while now (not close to alpha yet) to be deployed on major IM’s and embedded in an app, except Watsapp. I believe personal virtual assistants are the future and chatbots come close to delivering the CI (conversational interface). DM me if you would like to know some tips or opportunities on setting up a chatbot for Ekaette.



Its either my grandmother enjoyed/excelled-in her job as a slave errand so much that she is now the perfect definition of a slave errand.


My grandmother suffered a lot of abuse which most underprivileged girls/women continue to suffer in our community today, but the elite are so disconnected that they cannot relate to her reality. So these elites think it was fun for her. They don’t even remember the sexual advances from Oga which Madam read differently and she was thrown out of the house. You would think that after ending up on the streets of Lagos and forging a career in prostitution, these elites would understand her agony.

Personally, I wouldn’t use a service that only recognizes my grandmother as a slave errand regardless of the context.


I’m lost. What are you talking about?


Sounds great. I’ll DM you.


That @Uduak’s grandmother is named Ekaette and she was a

and he/she is pissed off because the service [quote=“Uduak, post:16, topic:9294”]
only recognizes my grandmother as a slave errand regardless of the context.

The name can be polarizing I think due to it been a popular name for house-girls from a particular part of the country

This song was popular that year : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxqu0XY1PHA

Awesome idea though. Good luck


I heard the whole 5 minutes of that music video with my mouth open.

LMBO…and to think the video ended with a Bible verse. Can’t deal! Just can’t.