Ekaette Services. Why? What? When?


I can’t support this startup because of the name and its enforcement of negative stereotypes. Truly stunning that this community isn’t speaking up against the branding.


Hi, your idea seems like;

I add you to whatsapp.
I message my errands to you.
You link me up with one of your Ekaette virtual assistants to run the errands for me.

How far trust na??


Oh no.

You don’t get linked to anyone. This is how it works:

  1. You add Ekaette on WhatsApp.
  2. Tell Ekaette what you want, when and how you want it.
  3. Ekaette gets it done.

Say you hire a personal assistant who you have on WhatsApp; when you tell him/her to run an errand for you, he/she gets it done. Simple as that.

Your PA wouldn’t link you to someone else to do the job. You pay the PA to get the job done in the most efficient ways possible. That’s what Ekaette does. You actually have an assigned PA.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


@Noski how’s Ekaette Services doing? Checked out the site; it looks largely the same (uninspiring, quite frankly). Looks like most of the things that were pointed out haven’t been looked into.


We actually changed everything that was pointed out. The title, pricing layout, form, and also the action button for the number. Let me know what else needs to be adjusted, so I let them know.



Your service would be very useful during service year, all those long queues to do the same thing over and over can be really annoying.


Quick Feedback.

Chat based transactions is getting an uptick cos in theory, has no interface, keys into interfaces people are used to therefore, nothing new to learn. So you are on something interesting

However, it is not new. Magic is the “pioneer” of these type of services. So I’d suggest you learn a thing or 2 from them.

  1. Simplify you landing page. Since it is for chat, it should look like it will in use. Let it be made as clear as possible without having too man words. One or 2 examples is enough. For now.

  2. Your pricing is complicated. Don’t make people have to think. Is it necessary for people to pay more so they will have access to 2 extra hours? It doesn’t say what happens as regards payment of services and running costs to execute errands.

  3. You may want to reconsider the name or at least how it is interpreted. People from that area are sensitive to be seen as stereotypical housegirls. And your logo has only made it worse.

  4. The founder/decision maker should be the one here. Having such bureaucracy pre-product-market fit is rarely a good idea.

Best of luck


Hello @Noski good job on the site. I just signed up for newsletters, and the confirmation email had your Ekaette image in huge dimensions. I had to scroll ‘upandan’ to get to the confirmation link.
Please fix this, cos if I wasn’t so excited, it would have been a huge turnoff.


Thanks for the feedback!

We’ve definitely come across Magic and what they’re doing. We’re taking it one step at a time over here, trying to learn as we grow.

  1. Noted. Will work on that.

  2. The pricing model is something that’s been under review for some time now; especially after the data we’ve garnered from users. However, the current model was created in order to make things inexpensive and less complicated. You pay once a month, like you’d pay your personal assistant, and you have Ekaette to run all your errands within the assigned time. The other option was to pay per task/errand, which some have requested, but it’ll be more expensive for users, in the long run.

In regards of the timing, it’s really important that the hours remain the main distinguishing factors for the pricing, because the only other option we’ve thought about will be to distinguish the packages by the number of services available, which was the initial setup, but the main idea is to have the services available to everyone.

We’ll keep thinking of other models to use though, if you do have any, don’t hesitate to let me/us know.

3.Yeah this is another area we’ve tried to make as clear as possible, why we use the name. There was a post about the entire brand here, to clarify the use of the name, as well as the logo.

Also, a few people from that area understand the logic behind it, probably because they understand the real meaning of the name and where we’re coming from. We’ve also had some critics do research on the name and understand why it’s being used. We’ll still need to educate people on it.

4.Understood. There’s no bureaucracy here though, I do everything regarding Business Dev., and the founder is easily accessible, as she handles the emails and WhatsApp account.

Thanks again for the feedback. Will be sure to act on it and make the necessary adjustments.


Thanks for this. Will fix that asap.


Why not make both available?

Regarding points 1 and 2 made by @OoTheNigerian, I think it only reinforces my point: make your site more visual than text-based.


That’s what we’re considering at the moment.

Regarding the site, I’ll make sure it’s revamped asap.


Won’t it cost you less time, energy and even money changing the name now that you are just starting than having to educate people what the name means?
Sounds some kinda way - you need work done, call an Ekaette. What comes to mind is child labour, girl child rights subjugation. And to buttress the stereotype you have as logo the kind of image that one would find on a flyer advocating for girl child education.
I’m sure you guys offer excellent services, but the truth is a significant percentage of potential customers will be uncomfortable using you.


Great point. Not too sure why you deleted it, but yeah, you’re right. We don’t want that misinterpretation.

Although, it’ll cost A LOT of time, money and energy though. We’re speaking of rebranding from the ground up. Meaning, changes in the business name, accounts, websites, social media and all, not to talk about the money that has already been invested in the brand as a whole, which will ineluctably all go to waste.

The last thing we want to do is create an exasperating brand, so we’re still thinking of alternatives.


Relatively, it is cheaper now…


Yeah it’s definitely cheaper now, that’s if we decide to rebrand later. The question is, to rebrand now and lose everything that’s been invested, OR just wing it and see how far we get, trying to educate people on it…?

I actually need opinions on this.


If you do have a better-sounding name option, then rebrand NOW.


If there is a 30% chance that you will rebrand later, I strongly suggest you rebrand now.

Your clientele is still small enough that you probably won’t loose any of them. You could even call all of them personally or send a personalized message.

If you wait till later, it may never be possible.


@Noski, to rebrand or not to rebrand is a question your users should help you answer.
I don’t think the Radar demographic makes up a huge chunk of your users (I may be wrong).
There may or may not be no need to rebrand, regardless of what people on Radar tell you.
Ask your users.


Ask your potential users, you mean. Or target audience. Obviously the users could stomach the name, or they wouldn’t be using the service. And “potential users” could include Radar people.