Yoruba keyboard layouts for Windows and Mac


A couple of weeks ago, we promised to release Yoruba Keyboard Layouts to help users of Yorùbá on the internet place tone marks and subdots with the least possible number of keystrokes.

These keyboard layouts for Windows and Mac are here now!

They are designed with love by the Yoruba Name team to make the typing of Yorùbá as easy as possible. There are certainly other solutions out there, especially on Windows, to type letters with subdots as well as tone marks needed for Yorùbá. However, there is a clear advantage in offering both layouts with very similar key combinations for consistency, focusing on the letters “h” and “l” on the keyboard for “high” and “low” tones respectively.

Full post and download links here: http://blog.yorubaname.com/?p=2385

It’s from the same people that got Twitter to support Yoruba translations, and are creating an online dictionary of Yoruba names. These guys just won’t stop, well done.

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