Why do people want to be their own bosses


Now what did I do this time that got me flagged? I’m starting to feel as if Radarians got soft and sensitive ever since I’ve left. Like what happened? Where is the tough Radaria that once was? How the mighty have fallen. I find this funny being that many people are always cyberbullied on here and they get demoralized/dispirited when their ideas get shut down so what is irking ya’all now? I will like for someone to tell me what I did wrong this time. Thanks and Life Bless.

@ukay thanks for the great investigation/work last time my brotha. I really appreciated it. Please tell what I have done wrong again. I proofread my work before I published it here to make sure that I didn’t offend anybody.


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But I don’t think he was offensive and deserve suspension after reading the 2nd post. Wrong thread? Definitely. Wrong forum? Maybe, but the guy is just saying what he thinks and tried not to offend anyone this time.

Pls @lordbanks let him off with a warning, and tell him to post things relevant to the topic next time. And he should probably check out reddit, he’ll find where to air his views.


To be fair to @techscorpion, he did warn us. Only that what he thought was for a ‘second’ turned out to be anything but that.

So for people that like grammar & stuff like that, how do you like this paraphrasing; the road to killing a good thread is filled with good intentions

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But I believe in miracles, so preacher @akindolu do you have a word to save this thread.


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wow, why am i always late for this.


E-sir, I don’t have much to say other than it is sad how an important conversation becomes this very quickly.

We really need that full time Radar Community Mgr now to manage conversations, and keep them to topic the instant someone is deviating.

Why do people want to be their own bosses? If you have anything interesting to add, jump in. Ignore all past 15-20 comments not connected to the topic. Do not even reply/mention.



Going back to the topic, I think wanting to be your own boss is just a human thing. We all think we’ll do better if we sit at the top and call the shots. Its every where and not just tech. The dream of every igbo trader’s apprentice is to one day own a shop of his own and boss people around like his oga also in the music business, every one wants to blow and have their own record label and more control. All I’m saying is that it’s just human nature.


You should have ended your post at this, @davidsmith8900.

It’s just like apologizing for stabbing someone, & proceeding to deliver another round of stabbing immediately after.


It’s not always just about that.

Sometimes, it’s cause people want to be able to use their full potential. I have worked in places where it seems like you as a person do not matter just that you have two hands and can follow instructions.
Your views… not considered
Your suggestions… not considered
Your pains/problems… not considered.

We all want to make a change and write our names in history. If we are part of a team where you feel you are contributing and you are all working towards a collective goal, many people won’t want to leave.

It was very well explained in the book “the 8th habit by Stephen R. Covey.”

The fact is most companies in Nigeria treat employees like shit. Afterall, there are many more people that would gladly take your job.

Go to private schools for a great first hand experience.

With such prevalent experiences in our society, it is no wonder that everyone wants to be the boss. At least you are valued there.


While I agree with your point that people want to be recognized/heard, I think in some work places you might start as a ghost but there is always room to make your self very important and indispensable and in the process get the recognition your deserve. You don’t always have be the owner or founder to get to the top. I think current CEOs of Apple and Microsoft are good example

I also agree that Nigerian companies treat employees like shit and it’s every where but if you are in a field you love and are very good at what you do you will get to the top in time (same can be said about starting your own shit), except your employer is blind, greedy or have something against you.


Employers treat employees like shit. Employees treat employers like shit. The cycle continues.

The employer-employee relationship is a microcosm of broader society which is beset with bilateral trust issues, economic pressures, and the “every man for himself” syndrome. From the perspective of an employee, the employers are the ones to blame but I think it is a simplistic conclusion.

The best advice I have for anyone is find something you love and work on it. If you have to work for a firm or start your own business, so be it. Sooner or later, trust relationships will develop between employers and employees, and natural partnerships will emerge between businesses.


I don’t think this issue is a matter of good or bad, wrong or right; it is matter of what works because Nigeria is emerging in this regard and everyone should learn along the line.

It is also very important to disconnect Nigeria case from her counterparts ( other countries) around the world and Nigeria context should be studied to decipher it hidden peculiarities.

Many Nigerians tend to neglect psychology or oher factors behind every action by just passing sentimental judgement.

I think this case should be studied; we should just stop passing judgement early or to blame in comparism.

Just learning from bosses…


I seriously don’t understand anything you said. :confused:


This is a good point. They say if your father is an Entrepreneur, you’re 50% more likely to be one yourself. Nigeria has a reputation for being aggressive and type-A and I believe that if anyone has ambition and drive in that country, they’ll likely consider the thought of being their own boss, despite how far-reaching the goal might be. It’s one thing to talk it, it’s another thing to DO it.


@Ari_Biton, I will like to thank you for having my back during this time of adversity. May life always have you and your family back at all times and lead ya’all to the land of milk and honey. May life be for you when anyone or your enemies are against you. I appreciate your friendship my brotha, it has been a while but Happy Monday.

@ukay, I will like to thank you once again for allowing me to see things from another perspective apart from my own as well as not being too critical/harsh on your judgement. Great health/wealth is what I pray that life blesses you and your family with. May life not be too harsh on you when you make a mistake in the present or in the future.

As for @lordbanks and other Radarians, I apologize once again to those who might I have offended knowingly or unknowingly. Thank you all for giving me a second chance in allowing me to rejoin your community. May we all have a Good Monday & A Great Successful Week Ahead.


You’re welcome @davidsmith8900 and thanks too