Why do people want to be their own bosses


Man this is the best!! Personally I love hearing about the engineers in the team that built say KongaPay than the CEO. It inspires me as a developer.
Look at Google and others, we adore their developers. They let us know the names of the real thinkers behind most of their great products. These guys become celebs and mentors to developers, invited to highly respected tech conferences and stuff.
As a developer, if I get that treatment, why would I wanna start up my own company?
The little TechPoint has been doing inspires me already! https://techpoint.ng/2016/07/06/celestine-omin-engine-room-interview/
Let’s keep doing more of this and am sure there would be more inspired developers in this country happy to go write the fing code everyday than thinking of starting his own company .
I say NO to CEO ish every time. Lol!
Easy example, look at the Andela story. After the recognition by Zuckerberg, most of the stories were just about the 23 year founder! Iyin. (That kinda story header sells well tho)
Sure he deserves that but writing about the awesome developers that prove Andela is really working would be really nice too.
Like serzly, which would you prefer to be, the 23 year old founder on every tech blog or the really smart developer that makes the company shine but gets no recognition?


Ya’ll should pardon me as i’m also about to [quote=“techscorpion, post:62, topic:7613”]
go offtopic for a second.

As much as this is true to an extent, we’re however mostly responsible for the dumb words recommended by either our default or custom mobile keyboards.

Yes! Almost all of us have a predictive keyboard on our smartphone, which suggests upcoming words for super-fast typing. Even so, they’re not perfect, and sometimes turn up hilarious results. Luckily, it’s not hard to train our keyboard to understand you, once you know how it works.

In a basic form, keyboard prediction uses text that we enter over time to build a custom, local “dictionary” of words and phrases that we’ve typed repeatedly. It then “scores” those words by the probability we’ll use it again.

For example, if we type in “lifehacker” and our keyboard has never seen us use it before, it’ll offer to correct it to another phrase that it thinks is more likely (no, I don’t mean “lifejacket”). We have three options: We can accept one of the corrections, we can ignore the word and leave it as is, or we can add it to our personal dictionary so it won’t bother us when next we type it again.

If we accept a correction, obviously the keyboard will continue to assume the word is wrong, and offer corrections in the future. If we add it to our dictionary, the keyboard “learns” the word immediately, and will offer it up the next time we enter a spelling pattern that’s close to those keys, or use similar words before and after the phrase but misspell “lifehacker.”

Things get interesting if we ignore the word—good predictive keyboards even use our lack of action to learn from our typing habits. The first or second time we ignore the word, it’ll assume it’s not a misspelling, but not a word we use often enough to be presented with in similar usage patterns. If we ignore it a third or fourth time (how many times depends on the specific keyboard), our keyboard will mark it as a future probable choice, and start presenting us with it when we type similar words or sentences.

I hope this further assist us train our keyboards so we can henceforth conveniently;[quote=“techscorpion, post:62, topic:7613”]
apply basic grammatical and structural corrections.


So this thread went from being about side jobs to grammatical errors and horny guys (tech CEOs), and it’s so easy to open a new thread on radar. Cool tho


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[quote="davidsmith8900, post:74, topic:7613"] It was written with love and respect. [/quote] You've got an interestingly unique brand of love and respect. :smile:


Somehow @mauri missed this, which I think is the whole point of @techscorpion off-road adventures, the odd typo and grammatical inconsistency is okay in this fast-paced twitch world but to garble your coherent thought into illegible mumbo-jumbo should be frowned on, aspire to do better. @mauri tone down the confrontational mien, not everyone is out to put you down.


I actually ended the said dumb article with a full-stop ma’am. Re-Observe.
I also used WE! Don’t see where I specifically mentioned anyone. Easy with your tone please!


Errr…100 to 0 in 88 Posts…


“Trained to be insincere”. Eye service wins over merit in some Nigerian companies. Not all, though, some ogas say those who don’t worship them are not team players. Leadership style can be likened to monarchy sometimes. Monarchy because employees are meant to implement. Employees should think outside the box but can’t step out of that box.

Somebody earlier on this thread mentioned that Google hired great people. Yes, Google didn’t just hire fantastic guys. Employees had time and resources to build their dreams in line with the company’s ambition. The employees grew, so Google grew.

Not many CEOs can afford to surrender that amount of control Google gave up that which motivated employees work like superstars.

Both staff and founders have their own stories to tell at the end of the day. No need to generalize. Whichever side faces you, kindly fix it. NO GUT, NO GLORY.!


So many Easter Eggs :grin:


“Full-top” you wrote? Your case is beyond repair.


C’mon @mauri thought you had forgiven? You know not typing a reply each time doesn’t mean you don’t have it and also typing a reply everytime doesn’t mean you have one either.

@techscorpion as well intentioned your post was, it can be said it has inevitably poisoned the thread (pun intended).

By Oden’s balls next person to comment on typos again will turn into a Qwerty keyboard.

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Oga Chuks,

Why not Powerbank sef…


So many words of wisdom in this thread, thanks to all the wise men and women :slight_smile:

In 2011, I left a job to pursue the Internet marketing dream. I was partly driven by ambition and the fastest road to wealth. I burnt the next three years of my life.

Lessons learnt:

  1. We might not all be created to lead new ventures as CEO or the time might not be right yet. So, before you jump out make sure, you are fully tested. And while you are on your job, their is something called intraprenuership It is being super-resourceful on your job.
    Talking about the 23 year old “instant CEO” @iaboyeji, what many would not know is that he had paid his dues learning while working for other people. The same goes to @oviosu who wrote an interesting piece on medium on this issue.

  2. @obadeyemi has good advice for employers on making their relationship with employee turn into an win-win for both.

  1. There is nothing wrong with starting side hustle, but everything is wrong with giving divided attention to the job paying your bills.

My 2 cents.


Thanks for the citation. Correction noted! :+1:


Ummm, I think that’s spelled “Odin”…

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