Why do people want to be their own bosses


Probably you may be right,you’ve talked about copying graffiti, and office designs etc How about management structure? Have Nigerian startups copied foreign management structure?
If we talk about people making startup, shouldn’t we just talk about management?
From all I know,I still feel our tech startups tilt towards a traditional management structure,that isn’t flat,collaborative activity is reduced, dwells more on extrinsic rewards,and obviously has the one problem traditional companies,have faced - beaurocracy!(Iroko inclusive)
Majority of new tech startup founders,probably from day one lack a vision of the management style they want to run for example, their picture of management still ends up being that beaurocratic,extrinsically motivated structure.
While the founder @ the startup I used as a Testcase kept talking about an alternative management style(flat),it turned out team-members obviously didn’t even understand what he was talking about,they probably didn’t even want it,obviously they loved and had been used to the old school management style.
The last time I checked the team,had all changed And employees were much more committed, even though they now work like …,…they work on Saturdays too,very little pecks compared to when started,more pay though obviously.
Could it be,the Nigerian mindset even comes in here,that we are trained to be insincere,and only behave ourselves when we are controlled with so much force,that the person on top Almost becomes a dictator?


I’m going to go offtopic for a second.

I’ll like to request politely that some of the writers in this thread should consider proof-reading their posts, and applying basic grammatical and structural corrections.

Some posts here are very difficult to read and it is painful to have to read them three times in order to understand them, and more often than not, the errors degrade their central point. As shoes maketh a man, the way you write speaketh volumes about your message.

To be clear, I’m aware that this is an informal forum, and casual, often colloquial messaging is the norm. However, writing clearly should be a natural skill that everyone should aspire to possess. Just my opinion. You are free to disagree if you wish.



A lot of typos made by contributors here are unintentional,no thanks to word suggestion and Android keyboard.
Just like you’ve found it easy replacing “on” with “in” as a preposition.
Speaketh “volumes” should easily be “volume” and not “volumes”.Come off your high horse and focus on the message,as against the messanger


I don’t think @techscorpion meant to be rude. I skipped some of the posts. It was indeed hard to read. The problem is more about communicating clearly than typo’s.


It seems it’s my lot to miss the really interesting gist, I am never present when Ozombo is on rampage and now this. :weary: @akindolu has succeeded in doing what I couldn’t by verbalizing that feeling. When next someone asks me why the romance of entrepreneurship in the face of repeated failure, I am simply going to point him here. Good work sir.


This is not a Nigerian problem. This is a “human being” problem. I have worked with/for all sorts of people ; British, American, Canadian, Indian, South African… and I have realized that insincere, incompetent and selfish employees are well represented everywhere.


Thanks for coming to my aid, @techscorpion.
I just can’t turn off the portion of my brain that detects bad grammar or wrong spelling, no matter how hard I try. :frowning2:


This is another big problem. Nigerians seem to only be capable of obeying laws when they are actively enforced.


Yes Please. We need the “side hustle” conversation. A Nigerian talk-show dedicated a whole episode to this and it seemed everyone had or is expected to have a “side hustle”. It says a lot about our work culture and labour system in general.


Did you lose your password? This is possibly the most brain-dead, disconnected comment I have read this year. It’s August and I have unfortunately, been exposed to a lot of stupid comments.

Apology to anyone mentioned in this. Yo man, your comment is inappropriate, and frankly stupid and off-topic. No one is talking about sexuality here. Retract.


When I said “write clearly”, I didn’t mean “write whilst drunk”. :smile:

Dude - WTF? How in the hell did you turn @akindolu’s piece into a cloaked desire to shag another guy?

Having said that, thanks for the link to what’s definitely one of the funniest threads on Radar.


Ain’t gonna happen. Dude is high as a kite on Oshogbo weed. Give him 48 hours at least to come around.


I just checked the guidelines and my message/post was not offensive to anybody. It was written with love and respect. Can somebody please go through my post and tell me what I did/said/typed wrong? Thanks and life bless.


Pls. Dont tag me in posts like this. To reiterate the word “man” in my “six man strong team” phrase referred to four male and two famale personality.
That’s not my problem,my problem is the vulgar phrases you have used on your post.They are disrespectful to every single person who’s made a comment on this thread.
How about you just apologise,probably delete your post else you would had just successfully ruined a great thread.



Pretty sure you’ve unlocked a new level of didn’t-understand-jack-but-went-on-to-make-a-****-of-himself-ness.

I applaud your applause. :clap:

EDIT: There’s so many wtf moments in reading your post :smile:. The comic relief factor is A+++!


@davidsmith8900 just sent me a copy of the post he made.He practically lost everyone’s interest immediately he starting making use of those words and it reminded me of DAT chap dmx and how channel o was prohibited in my home,growing up.
Its a pity we are just so Americanised (did I coin this lol?),these days its even difficult to see people write or speak in pure,straight forward English.
I imagine @davidsmith8900 sitting for his waec and writing this,f9 will be sure and you wonder why high-school students rarely pass English? David just gave us the answer.
@techscorpion you complained about grammatical errors the other time,how do you rate @davidsmith8900 piece of Poetry?


This comment here…should be framed and hanged for future culprits.


Dude please do the world a favour, delete your account and log off the internet forever.


The real wow was how he could calm down and bang out this essay with emphasis and all. I find it hard to string 100 words together and the man straight up typed an article, even though it was total BS, he gets an A for effort.


Never doubt the power of Nigerian made Gin.It clearly was at work few hours ago.