Why do people want to be their own bosses


Nobody can fulfill anyones expectations that why they started ignoring. Finding a perfect partner for a start-up is dam difficult. A also have web design company and I know the circumstances.


Most times the ecosystem does not support team work and the Bosses want to have it. So if you can be a boss, you are on point. Most Bosses celebrate backend guys and allways want them selves to be the one and only front end guy.


Grammar war? Not again. I noticed too- “messenger”
… and the war is over. Back to the topic.

  • sips cold water * and *continues reading comments *


because it can make you a lot of money?


I almost jumped into working 3 months for free. Believe me, things are hidden between lines.


I should have used the “summarise” option. Many comments, insightful ones I must admit.

Thanks for your comments.


Awesome comments. Maybe the best I’ve been optuned to read here. @akindolu thanks for sparking this fire.


Lol,I created the thread.You should say thanks to me ,alongside a medal round my neck.


@mauri thanks for the topic and being light hearted at it. If I wasn’t married I could have PMed to hangout. Still there are too many persons to thank here, taking their time to provides perspective