Who has an Electronic Medical/Health Record Software/Solution (EMR) in Nigeria


Needs to have In-patient care solution and Pharmacy solution as well.
Offline capabilities is desired. (as Saas only solution is limited due reliable internet)


If www.caremedica.com.ng looks like what you are looking for then you can send me private message for further information. Thanks


yeah i have that too. You can send me an email on nimboya@gmail.com so i can send you a link


Hello. Please take a look at http://chartsynergy.com. It can be deployed onsite(offline)


Doesnt look like it offers any offline support


Send it here


Interesting. But why are you charging in dollars?
Do you offer support?


Yes. We offer support for our software. You can pay in Naira.


http://chartsynergy.com offers saas and offline model. Some hospitals are currently using it offline.


it can also be deployed offline, the one online is more of a mini-version basically for quick overview of the whole platform itself.


Hello Wale,
You can check out http://curacel.co. Its a SaaS solution but it was built to work offline as well. Offline in the sense that when you dont have internet connection it still works effortlessly and it syncs when you go back online.


Try openemr . I have experience in deploying it as I have implemented the solution for a secondary health care provider before. It has all the features you listed.See demo here
Username = admin
Password = pass


www.curacel.co is pretty solid. AWESOME UI!
Kudos! : )


Pretty awesome UI? How did you login to see the demo? What are you complimenting; the product or the product site?


Or you could try and customize OpenMRS for your exact needs;
See Demo here. This is the most adopted solution for Nigerian the Nigerian health care space. If none woks for you, build yours!
Username: admin
Password: Admin123
On your first visit, you must select a location before you will be able to log in.
This demo system resets itself periodically. If it is temporarily unavailable, please try again in a few minutes.


Got the login… use the send mail at the footer…
this is it though
username: XUser
password: test123


Yeah OpenMrs makes sense to me, but might have to pick up Spring, thinking about this EMR, as i have a good relationship with an/a hospital


Decided to go with a OpenMRS.

Need a system administrator for OpenMRS.
Will need to be able to install and maintain the application.

Any takers?


i would be glad to take up that responsibility. i have 2 years experience administering OpenMRS and recently completed implementation for HIV care in three state


Hello, please send me your whatsapp number. Lets talk.