Which Nigerian online payment startup wins your Love?


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While our Nigeria payment system might really have a lot to learn, something happened last week that is worthwhile to talk about.

TechCabal announced that Paga raised another round of fund, I felt delighted for @oviosu for achieving 3.5 million users, over 17million transactions and 1 billion dollar processed.

So I was curious to know how the rest of the payment aggregators in Nigeria stack up. I did a traffic analysis using Alexa. Here are the results. For a full result, click this image to view a detailed Alexa Report of all the sites

Since the payment space is a BIG, we will definitely have our preferences, so i will be happy to find out from other experts: which payment company do you use or recommend for online payment processing ?

Kindly weigh in which one do you use and why?

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As a developer, what's your most preferred payment gateway in Nigeria?

myPaga: Definitely no.1 by transaction volume and user base.
VoguePay: A close second place based on the result. it is acclaimed as biggest online payment by merchant size. It also provides users with the option to send and receive payments in international currencies.
CashEnvoy: 3rd by traffic count. They offer similar services to VoguePay; except that I don’t think they do international payments. Recently launched mPOS service called PayPadi.
LHPay. A Cyrus based company in Nigeria. It accepts international transactions too.
PayStack.io: Currently in beta. It is built with the developer in mind.
StaplePay: They claims to offer a stripe-like payment system; though some folks on Radar think otherwise.


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I believe VoguePay give and encourage sme’s businesses to grow. And I love their customer centric approach .


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