Which is better: Paystack or Voguepay


@spokentwice, I have asked you this question repeatedly without answers on all occasions.
It’ll be a very long time before I (and associates) will look in the direction of VoguePay again.


Link please?




Just had the most painful experience trying to reload MTN Hynet so I throw a challenge to our new gen payment processors - make a service that allows us to manage recurring payments on a ton of services we use every month. For example, why shouldn’t I stick a card into the service and subscribe for MTN Hynet, DSTV, air time, even Supermart or Gloo and remove my face.

I should be able to pause payments if I’m not sure I want to renew; or switch off if I’m not doing again but the amount of stress involved in paying for something on the internet in 2016 is unacceptable abeg.


Very unacceptable. Who likes to be cut off by Dstv/Gotv or MTN while downloading important GoT episode? The latter is usually a matter of life and death. Just take my money and let me be great.


You will be one of the first to know when this is launched Sir. I can’t give timeline on this yet.

My bad, you asked this question multiple times already :hugging:

Personally, while I like the revolution in recurring billing (it is the FUTURE), some of the things that got me worried is that someone can take a picture of my ATM card -front and back- and do transactions with it without my consent. I have had a personal experience with FCMB card.

My personal position (not VoguePay’s) is that gateway should enable tokens as second layer of authentication. Currently, that is what VoguePay does even though it does not accept card details.

Obviously, I can relate with this too. The psychological thing to pricing is that depending on the transaction value VoguePay is cheaper in some instances. I hear from the grapevine that a price review is in the works sir. Like you said keep refreshing the pricing page…and one day it changes :slight_smile:

Obviously, one of the things VoguePay has got a good handle of as a result of its 4 years market advantage is working with some market leaders. Some of these are across FOREX services, govt institutions, churches, schools and international clients. The advantage it robbed on VoguePay is that it helped the team to invest in complex automation to meet the needs of the market. Many of the complex modules and integration built for them are now bundled to the VoguePay platform for free.

Notes about these are here and here


This is a good nut to crack, but not sure this is only a problem for payment guys alone.

In one part fintec can solve this by building automation between payment gateways and such services (like IFTTT or Zapier approach)

In another sense, it requires multiple collaborations, even as this post indicates…

I am aware that NITEC event is holding next week with discussions on IoT And the minister of communication might be in attendance. Let’s hope someone takes the bull by the horn, including the government because sometimes these things require regulation.

HINT: Ghana is doing fantastically well regulating mobile payment, and people will now be earning interest on mobile money savings. CBN, NIBBS and co should learn from Ghana in order to regulate this sector


No one has mentioned the fact that Paystack requires a corporate account and a corporate business certificate before you can use them. I think this is a major drawback for many people.


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@astutechris Perhaps no one is mentioning it because it’s obvious.

Pretty sure having a corporate account is a given if you’re a business. :slight_smile:


And you’re back.


Lol. I beg to disagree. Not every business require a corporate account. Some businesses are quite small for such account.


This is what I keep saying about owning verticals. The truth is that it is not the startups that will make a Nigerian or African payment company profitable. Startups churn. It is the utilities and payments people that make regularly that are important in Africa. I use the toothbrush or underwear test when I look at veritcals. Is it something people will use at least once daily or something a large number of people cannot do without?

Stripe got massive scale working with Silicon Valley startups and that is good for them. In Africa, we don’t have Silicon Valley startups yet, we have utilities with lots of consumers. the best people to work with are those already at scale and whose consumers need their payments problems solved.

I see the rise of specialist entities to fill this niche (we are currently testing one called OneRecharge.com) but the utilities themselves are getting wiser and quickly. Some are getting up to speed with tokenization and making major internal payment plays. Ultimately for a startup, the consumer does not care about the payments gateway that powers your front end, they just want their problems solved. They don’t care if you have to send someone to their house to take their money to do it.

When people are comparing payment platform options at an early stage, I laugh. I laugh because they have not seen demand yet. When you are doing 300k+ transactions daily, you will not come to Radar to ask questions. You will have the payment companies knocking on your door or you will be breaking down the doors of the one who will solve your problem.


Paystack is fine

Voguepay is fine

Simple pay is fine.

But Try Paystack sha.


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It is worth highlighting, again and again. :thumbsup:




Oh my! #ChillDead


one question peeps esp @xolubi - how does paystack payout works? I mean if i sell to the international market - would i be able to get my dollars transfered to a domiciliary account of mine ? Or it will be changed at shitty CBN rate and sent to my NGN bank account ?

Thanks guys


There is something called de-dollarisation policy. This means that you can’t be paid in dollars in Nigeria as a result of this CBN policy. The exchange rate your gateway chooses to pay you (in this case Paystack) is subject to them. Douglas Kendyson does a good job of managing their support if you send a mail to them.