Which is better: Paystack or Voguepay


Hello Radarians. Good evening.
This happens to be my first topic.

I’ve read reviews on Paystack. And it looks like something I should give a shot.
I’m working on something with a friend, and from our last discussion he is opting for voguepay.

But, having read the reviews on paystack, I’d like to know whether we should go with Voguepay or opt for Paystack.

Please, I need your opinions on this.


Go with Paystack.

Reason: I like the Paystack guys. And the service is cool. Ask around.


Just passing through, guys!


Thank you.

Let me see what others have to say.


Paystack. Yes.


Def Paystack. Currently trying them out. Customer service on point. Plus their admin backend is beauftfyuulllll :heart_eyes:


@xolubi can you go live without a registered business?


You can actually join the conversation and not just pass by.

Which is better…Voguepay or paystack ?


Lol. No need. We already know what he would say.


I see what you did…


So which Gateway should you go with? Let’s have a :heart: (heart) to :heart: talk

In all honesty, it boils down to what your primary pain point is right now, but I hope this guides your decision.

  1. Is your business just about accepting payment on your site? Then you can decide between the two. Let your gut feelings decide.

  2. Are you interested in additional business automation tool? VoguePay excels better here but this might help you decide for yourself

  3. Are you concerned about ease of integration? This is not often considered by a lot of people before choosing a payment platform. Back in 2012, I realized out important this is after my developer asked for N25k to customize the gateway with the website I was working on. Third-party solutions are Value added that might save you ton of money and development time. You can evaluate some of the third-party integrations that VoguePay support here

(disclosure: I work at VoguePay, 3 times in a week, where I handle digital media and user growth)


Ah there it is. You needed this disclosure in another thread. Your posts/motivations make sense now.


Also to answer OP, as someone that’s worked with both: Paystack. Actually feels like a modern product amongst other things.


How come no one seems to talk about simple pay… they have also cleaned up their api, and it borrows uI elements from stripe just like paystack… and I noticed their processing fee is lesser than paystack. comments on this anyone?


How reliable is Simplepay


Were you really expecting @xolubi to give a different reply??

I think he’s just done what he should.


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Why should a start-up use simplepay instead of paystack and others


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C’mon guys! Ya’ll need to be serious sometimes.
OP just asked a serious question and we’re all acting Terdoh and Sirkastiq!

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