Which is better: Paystack or Voguepay


Sincerely, I go for VoguePay. For few years now, I have being a merchnt on Voguepay platform. They have zero tolerance for fraud, good customer service to mention a few.


Thank you so much.
I appreciate.


It depends on what you want. Last I checked, VoguePay does not have inline payment (i.e. payment without page redirection, like Paystack & (currently) SimplePay).
I have used with SimplePay & VoguePay, and currently planning on using Paystack.
@spokentwice, are you guys planning to introduce inline payment any time soon?


Use Paystack, The End.


[quote=“Freshboi_Ekundayo, post:24, topic:6203”]
The End.
[/quote] :slight_smile:

This thread makes me remember the several VoguePay vs {insert competitor’s name} on NairaLand. Guess who won most of the contests???


It is too early to compare Voguepay and Paystack.

Without a reasonable doubt, Paystack has the potential to be better but I would like to see how Paystack handles a major (money related / payment) dispute.


{insert competitor’s name} I guess?


Take a trip to NairaLand sir


I was only pulling your legs sir. :slight_smile:


Nairaland is not Radar last time i checked sir, if we do a poll on this platform currently many prefer Paystack, you know it, i know it so lets not drag the issue, it still doesnt make one better than the other, both platforms are still miles down to become the next Paypal and this includes Technological advancement, BD efforts and grabbing Marketshare and fighting off newer competitors who are coming daily, you must always go back to the product and keep getting better to get more consumers ( currently Paystack users are Great Referral sources, i suggest you get Voguepay users to do same).

I use paystack, i chose it based on developer friendliness and the fact that it fulfilled my needs and projected needs and @xolubi is a friend of my partners and colleagues and supporting the hustle plus the Product is Great also and i see no reason to move or integrate another platform.

But i am kinda fed up with the Payment vs Payment gateway posts that keep cropping up here daily.

Let it End!!!.

If you want to share to us new features or your MoM and YoY growth numbers please feel free but can we stop this childish comparisons once and for all?.


I remember I once mentioned it somewhere on Radar that is not a feature fight or something like that.

And paraphrasing a quote from @PapaOlabode it is Christmas that came early for the consumers" :slight_smile:

Just like you sir, it is a debate I will love to wish away (like the many Nairaland debates of yesteryears)


Actually, we took a poll (with a slightly different question) for people to choose between Paystack and SimplePay in this Matchup. Paystack won by a mile.

So what may eventually happen will be a kind of network effect. People think Paystack is cool and better, so more people will choose it. More users will provide liquidity and traction that will attract more funding and talents. More funding and top talents will enable them to build superior product that will be 10x better than competition…

Execute this idea... thank me later

Not anymore at least. I mean paystack is just a natural.


Oga mi, @dotun.o I voted in the second round. The match up is a cool idea, especially for institutionally funded startups

Muhammed Ali should give you a punch :hugging: for that


@spokentwice Your VoguePay commission must be :ok_hand:t3:


Like I asked before, @spokentwice, does VoguePay have any plans of implementing same-page checkout?
To me payment processor vs payment processor debates are just ego-measuring contests. The best payment processor is the one that works for you, and best integrates into your transaction flow.
VoguePay not integrating cleanly into our transaction flow is the reason I discovered SimplePay existed.
Also, do you guys at VoguePay realize that you’re currently among the most expensive?
Your 2.5% local/ 4.5% international does not go down the throat smoothly.
The only reason I check your fees page from time to time is that you guys have been around for a while, and that’s a definite plus in your space.
Just so you don’t “get it twisted”, I’m asking as a customer, not as part of this debate.


Let’s say it is about to be :slight_smile:

@ukay, I totally agree with you on this sir, I wish this comparison game goes away. That is what NairaLand is meant for; not Radar.

If I had defended VoguePay earlier, it was not because I discredited other players, most of which I have relationship with, I only talked about what VoguePay has capacity to do while giving a piece of advice to OP.

For full disclosure, I was @xolubi 's customer while Eyowo.com was alive and guess what, I had said more nice words about his new PayStack than most defending it here - I even wrote a blog post about the product.


You did not answer this.


Reason i said currently People LOVE Paystack, theyre leading amongst the 3 Payment gateways right now, the other dude refuses to believe so.


Bro u kind of did…telling us to go to nairaland n see polls done etc etc… As an Employee or consultant to Voguepay do this 3 things.

  1. Open up a Poll between the 2 of you

  2. Send to customers and friends and online.

  3. Give 3 independent peeps access to judge votes and then use that data to help yourself.