What's happened to the Big Cabal?


Guys what’s happened to Big Cabal? Brings tears to me eyes…

First commenting on TechCabal dies despite lamentations, now its a growing list of sponsored posts on the homepage, like someone lost the keys. Could care more for the newsletter that replaced the blogposts if there was a way to ‘sigh’ or ‘cheer’ on a published piece.

@SkweiRd help me out if you can spare a minute, what’s the premise behind the bundling only service from techcabal? You can run a weekly or monthly newsletter and unpack most of the researched piece as daily posts for TechCabal. A post or 2 a day should keep things on a healthy roll and a weekly newsletter would take the load off. Personally speaking i never saw a daily newsletter before, unless the posts were merely an automated recap of popular posts from source platform. The best newsletters come as weekly digests.

Even Zikoko has caught the bug, last post was on the 13th of last month. C’mon guys, had a good thing going, still do.

Can’t say i know squat about the media business but i think having something new to read each day on either platforms should be half the job…and key too. Really rooting for you guys…

Every spirit of i-start-i-no-finish and no-more-blogpost-only-newsletter holding big cabal from being great: * HolyGhost …*

Radar help me shout “…Fireeee


This is what happened.
When you’re not hungry like when you started

PS: Don’t take this personal

I love techcabal, I was an avid reader and commenter around 2014!. No UI update, Nothing change since!!

Even the techcabal battle stopped!, I’m sure there are companies in Nigerian now that would love to sponsor



There are a lot of things , really , and you may not understand unless you own a media property in Nigeria.

But here’s what I think anyways ;

  1. . Techcabal was built around startups and Nigerian startup scene is no longer exciting.

Tell me how many “Interesting / Successful” tech startups we’ve had out of Nigeria in the past 2years?

It’s is very difficult to keep the conversation going when there is nothing exciting to write about , unless they’re just going to be posting news you can always find elsewhere.

They did this for a while (just posting news) but got bored and stopped.

The next growth step for techcabal is to get more readership from overseas but that can only happen if the Nigerian startup scene is exciting enough.

  1. Lack of skilled people (writers) to help grow the business. Here’s an excerpt from bankole’s recent interview

“When Bankole first became an entrepreneur—he founded TechCabal in April 2013—his biggest problem was finding really good people: the talented people who could help him grow his business. That is when he realised that a lot of skills were missing in Africa.”

  1. The financial reward isn’t encouraging.

I have no idea of bigcabal’s financial status but i’ld assume this is a problem because It is a lot harder to make money from a tech property than an entertainment website


All I see are excuse that techpoint is defying. TP started few years ago and they doing well with articles!

This is BS[quote=“kelz, post:4, topic:15087”]
The next growth step for techcabal is to get more readership from overseas but that can only happen if the Nigerian startup scene is exciting enough.

Another BS[quote=“kelz, post:4, topic:15087”]
2) Lack of skilled people (writers) to help grow the business. Here’s an excerpt from bankole’s recent interview

They are not reaching out to folks, not hungry enough for writers else they would start searching from UNI!

Safe to say, TC wasn’t innovating enough. Techpoint saw the loop hole and quickly took over the market.
TC sticked to articles only for years. They should have ventured into office tours, re vamp (techcabal battle),
videos, redesign that current website! alot of things etc

But what do I know, Just another well wisher for CABAL


Again , I just shared my opinion and whether or not you think it’s bullshit is not my problem. That’s your headache

And that techpoint you’re calling , it’s only a matter of time. Their traffic is already on a decline , have a look at similar web.

Techcabal was leading and I don’t think they’d have let go of their position if something wasn’t seriously wrong somewhere.

It maybe an internal tussle , but I believe they have friends that would step in and at least keep the business going while they settle their issue.

Lol. See as I dey here dey argue untop person business on a Tuesday morning. Sighs


Please always put stats behind your opinions. :point_down:

Nigerian startup scene is no longer exciting ?


Everyone has different opinions, stats don’t always represent the correct outcome of events.


So you’re agreeing that "Nigerian startup scene is no longer exciting ?"


Yes and it’s VERY OBVIOUS


I rest my case


For some businesses it is exciting for others it is not.


This is Tech Cabal, not StartupCabal. If there is nothing too interesting to you in the startup market there is a lot happening in the tech industry.

What about outsourcing writing job to someone (freelancer, upwork, etc) or hiring one content writer that can publish at least one post daily. Since I guess BigCabal schedules are tight these days. Having only sponsored post makes the website looks like a sponsored post directory.

Funds generated from the sponsored post and ads can help pay one writer.

Just my 2cents, you guys already know all these stuff.

Let the spirit of Techloy not fall on TechCabal.



Bring back the gifs, @wkyo


Finally someone making sense!


Let the spirit of Techloy not fall on TechCabal

Now that @SkweiRd has even left Big Cabal… :cry:


You kidding me ?


Actually, there’s a lot of sense in @kelz 3 points.

For instance, I totally agree with your last point - the media business is very brutal. And ‘brutal’ is an understatement. The truth is, Facebook/Google are the 300 pound gorilla that’s sucking all the oxygen in the room. You don’t need to read Ben Thompson’s articles to know that publishers go directly to FB/Google to place ads and cut-off the middleman. They have the platform, people, and data. At the other end, Ms. CEO can also go directly to Medium/Facebook/etc to reach her audience.

In other words, because of the new tools and platforms, everyone is a publisher or can reach audience.

The point is the whole media business model is in a lot of flux. This is not by any means restricted to Nigeria - same struggles faced by Buzzfeed, Vox, etc of the world. Not sure how this angle is controversial.

Tbh, the second point about finding talent is not too strong. Arguably, BC hacked this successfully in the past. A decent number of bloggers/journalists in the tech space had their break with them. Not saying it’s guaranteed they always hack it. But, don’t see any reason why they can’t continue to find great talent.

But your first point is the most important but needs a little bit of nuance ( it’s also linked to the 3rd point). I think we have a good crop of startups doing interesting things. And there’s a lot to be excited about in our tech space. But, crucially, the writing of what’s happening is not exciting.

In Nigeria Tech space, pls point me to a critical piece you’ve seen in the last 6 months? I’m not talking of slanderous. Just purely investigative writing that peels the layers on what’s really going on? The good thing about TC is that they’re opinionated, but even they get called out if founder xyz or publisher yxz doesn’t like what they wrote about something.

There’s also the ‘chummy’ ‘padi padi’ angle which also means bloggers/journalists naturally don’t want to offend their ‘friends’. So all they publish to us the public - is syrupy articles. We are no. 1 in self-censorship (Exactly the same way @kelz has gone ahead to delete his well written post). China should send their journalists to us so they can perfect their skills.

Well, guess what, if all you’re reading everyday is that xx raise yy amount. Or fawning interviews/articles with founders/publishers where they spew BS all over your face - because only mush mush questions( At this point, the blogger/journalist is virtually a docile hostage, and can’t turn around to write what she really wants. Exciting articles dies a slow but certain death.

Because, remember, the business model and numbers are no longer working and you can’t afford to alienate anyone. Then you will even get ‘not exciting’ news.

Anyways, Big Cabal are Big boys and can take care of themselves - they will be just fine. Or at least, whatever their version of fine is.


This media business thing simply insn’t easy and sustainable - especially the tech niche in Nigeria. Techloy was once the goto place for tech news in Nigeria and suddenly it started to die a slow death while Techcabal began to take the shine. Well, guess who started techcabal - former employees/writers of techloy. Techcabal starts dying and suddenly Techpoint springs up. Well, you can make a simple guess how that happened too. And thats how the line continues. The dying and springing up thing with tech blogs probaly happens simply becos money made from these blogs aren’t enough to satisfy the staff/writers, so its a case of the owner takes it all so others move on to start theirs and the former dies. Its just a merry go round thing.

There’s just not enough money in the media business(tech) to sustain the cabal. Although things seem to be getting better as the Nigerian tech scene continues to mature. Well, these are just thoughts from experience.