We've created a Digital Bank...and it's 100% FULLY Digital


Seen. I’ll take this up with the team and provide feedback.


Good idea @philiprohv .
But as I already have multiple bank accounts (some of which I don’t use), I’ll like you to tell me whether I can use my ALAT card to shop online and pay for services internationally (in USD)?
Since most of the bank accounts I operate fail in this category.


@philiprohv it’s getting really annoying now. As interesting and well-written as the ALAT marketing emails are, it is unfair to give me no “Unsubscribe” option and be sending THREE emails in one week. Please do something about this.


Noted @Diakon.

@benniearinze the things you mentioned are currently being worked on. We’ve been battling some of the nastiest set of bugs i’ve ever seen (which isn’t entirely surprising giving that we had to do a lot of completely new things in building ALAT).

Right now, ALAT is focused on the banked (not because we are ignorant of the size of the unbanked market) because its the easier problem to solve. We’ll be rolling out our solution for the unbanked in a few releases down the line.

That out of the way, ALAT first and foremost gives 10% interest on savings (not on fixed deposit or any other “fancy” investment, traditional banks offer). If this sounds like something you would like to enjoy, ALAT makes the process of account opening completely paperless and branch-less. ALAT also gives you your first debit card for free (should you decide you need one) and delivers same to you anywhere in Nigeria also for free. It also gives you the ability to set spending limits as well as control what platforms and countries your card can be used.

So, if you have any free 1,000 Naira that you are not using, give it to ALAT and earn 100 Naira minimum :slight_smile:


:+1: carry on bro, we dey your back!


i am still having issues with the document upload, i upload documents log out and log back in and the document is missing
i have uploaded my utility bill over a million times, your support does not respond to mail maybe this alat thing is not for me


I’m still having issues with the spam @philiprohv. I hate to bug you about this, but it’s REALLY IRRITATING. 4 emails last week: this week just began and they’ve sent one already. Why??!! At least give me the option to unsubscribe.


its been 2 weeks, since i complained to the Alat team about updating my phone number the OTP Code goes to, they responded they query from BVN i should provide my info n they will manually update, till i speak not one single mail on the update even though i reached out they should send a mail once its done so i can re-register

( Is there anyway to update BVN Record, my banks have current info i wonder why my old email and phone number are still in BVN database, how do we change it?)

Again, whats the point of singing 5 mins to open an Account when you have not done proper UAT on your app, the marketing wont bring people to use you if your product and service is shitty.

Pathetic really.


Hi @Freshboi_Ekundayo can you please PM me your ALAT email address and BVN?

@unclechyke I have taken your case up. You should have feedback shortly


@philiprohv By 100% fully Digital, does it also include customer service and support through radar forum?


LOL. I guess so.


Focusing on the unbanked will be misplaced priority in my opinion.
ALAT should be focused on non-WemaBank customers (The already banked people).

The banked are the ones facing the problems ALAT is solving or trying to solve.

I hope the ALAT team gets this bit correctly.


I’m begging for account activation, for a week now, they told me via twitter than my account will be activated in about 24 - 72 hrs, after waiting for 5 days, i contacted them again, I was told within 24 hours, still on “restricted mode”, I feel like i made a mistake depositing fund into the alert self… I can’t even recharge with my own money


@philiprohv Any chance that ALAT will be giving away money for inviting new users? Maybe you can take a page from PayPal.


@philiprohv I’m with @Diakon on this. You really need to add an Unsubscribe link or stop sending the mails, please.
Thank you.


Hi @adealabidesign can you pls PM me your ALAT email address.


I sincerely don’t know if ALAT is going back or forth.
Accessing ALAT seems too daunting compared to my other MBanks.

It’ll be nice to easily set a 4/5digit mPIN to access ALAT App rather than having to type my email address and password every single time.

After all, every transaction will still need to be authenticated.


Can you PM me so i can send the details.


@philiprohv since you’re the only face of ALAT I see, I think I’ll continue to spam you until ALAT stop spamming me. 4 emails every week?!! What kind of callousness is that? I hope you don’t mind You had better not mind :slight_smile:


Someone literally just made this complaint beside me at the office. I promptly searched my inbox for ALAT for corroborate and found this post.