We've created a Digital Bank...and it's 100% FULLY Digital


Hi @Eddy_Eddy. Anyone can send money to your ALAT account via web/mobile transfer.

At the point of transfer, the person just needs to select Wema Bank as the destination bank and the web/mobile banking platform would pop out your ALAT account name.

Soon, ALAT itself would be visible on the list of banks when carrying out an inter-bank transfer.


Congrats @philiprohv - you do well! One small question - do we get participation fees for :point_up:t6:?


:grin: Take :beer: for now. The rest dey come.


So I had no issues registering on linking my bvn but I can’t seem to fund my account. It keeps coming up with an error after I put in my verve card number and then the amount


Hi @euphoriawolf. Can you please PM me the error?


Alright, alright…
Will be on that soon…


Yo @philiprohv, Qs.

  1. Does one need to upload all four docs - passpy, ID card, utility bill & signature - before one’s alat akkant becomes fully usable?

  2. Passpy is a form of ID. So, why have them separately? Why not just ID and then a drop down where you select which one you have?

  3. Most IDs have signatures. Why then have another option for signatures?

  4. Most important Q. Why can’t I just upload my docs as opposed to using the camera function to take them? I have a tab with poor cam (so I don’t use it for taking pictures) and another phone with good cam (but don’t use to surf with it). So, you know why I’m asking this Q.

  5. Thanks.


Hi @KelvMakanjuOla

We changed “Passport” to “Photograph” in the latest update to avoid confusion. You have to upload those things for the account to be fully usable. Without uploading these, the account will be in “Restricted” state. The reason for this is purely regulatory: Identity and address verification. On ALAT, these happen in under 24 hours.

ID signatures can sometimes be inconsistent with your actual signature. I know I personally struggled with the digital pad when signing for my International Passport.

On the ability to upload, we are working on it.



is this url supposed to be for public knowledge?


Okay, the bank spam emails have started coming in, and no “Unsubscribe” link.


Was this link from the ALAT launch invite?


Lol. We are working on that. What was this particular email about? Earning 10%?


Yes it was


on trying to upload my ID card picture to Alat app, the app crashes tried like 3 or 4 times. i have the updated app, i have uninstalled and reinstalled same issues. Sent a mail to your customer support but i am still waiting for response about 5days now na so we go do digital banking…


Hi @unclechyke. I’ll take this up personally. In the interim, can you try using the web app to upload?

Can you PM me the email address you used to contact customer support? @unclechyke


so i finally uploaded all my documents on the web app but i cannot add my next of kin. When i click to add next of kin, i am redirected to complete my contact details then a pop up which says i have completed the contact details part. so na inside loop i dey…


Can you try filling the next of kin details on the mobile app? Also please PM me the email address you used to contact ALAT’s customer support.


Yup. And it’s a repeat offender.


PM sent, app cannot see the utility bill I uploaded on the Web…


This fantastic… i categorized Wema bank as old people’s bank, its only my grandad that created an account with them, i now see reasons why i should join them.
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