We've created a Digital Bank...and it's 100% FULLY Digital


@ChemikaWale Thanks for your suggesstion. We have done this for BVN verification. However, it turns out that a lot of people did not provide email addresses when registering for their BVN. We are currently exploring Robo-calling and USSD.

For SMS OTPs, we are working on a permanent fix.

Thanks @kolade. Wema Bank is the parent bank of ALAT. However, as will become obvious in a couple of days, ALAT is an independent proposition from Wema Bank.


Hi @MrFoh . We are working on this right now. In the interim can you try tapping on the “Resend OTP” button or continue using the web.


Is this open to Nigerians not based in Nigeria. I’ve got BVN but no Nigerian number and can see that the web app only allows you to register with a +234 number.


Yes, but it seems the name on my BVN has a typo, so I’m quite worried about what happens if I upload documents… How do I fix this?


I’ve started getting Wema mail too


Hi @tymolls. You can actually try this on the mobile app. You will need to have access to the phone number attached to your BVN.


It shouldn’t affect anything. Wema mails should have stopped by now. Please let me know when you got the last email.


Hi @Eddy_Eddy are you good on ALAT now?


If I had not just joined Radar, I would have said that you took the words right out of my mouth.


Who said there’s no support for Blackberry? For those who will come calling for my head, easy o. :grinning:

Now, on Blackberry Q10, which I own, almost all Android app, i.e. .apk files can be installed and used.

I use my Whatsapp through this means. And I have other bank apps installed on it that are .apk. Lobatan!


I think that’s an execution issue.

I have an email address and phone number associated with my BVN. I should be given the option to:

  1. Indicate how I receive the OTP. The registration OTP was sent to the email address on my BVN. But I didn’t get any SMS.

  2. Change the phone number I used when registration. I’m presently stuck as I used my mum’s number to register. She didn’t get any SMS, and I can’t change the number… and

  3. Use a Non-Nigerian number. A lot of people that’d need this service are not based in Nigeria but have BVN.

Most of these have been sold in the StanbicIBTC instant account app, which I just tried, and was able to do all 3 above with.


@philiprohv, I am tempted to say that you might be having issues with OTP to DND lines.


Yes! We’ve resolved these OTP issues now though. But DND was one of the culprits


Thanks for this feedback @tymolls


Erm, just one question…
Can you find online wallets denominated in USD with this?
Or make payments in USD/ transfer to international accounts??


@tocynaj Not yet. But very soon


@philiprohv Can another party (i.e. employer) transfer funds into my ALAT account or can I only fund the account from an account/card that belongs to me?


Yes @PinkEngr


just what i was thinking, robocall or ussd might be better option , unless you use non short code numbers to send the otp


how if I may ask. Would they send to the alert account number. and can it work by mobile bank transfer