We've created a Digital Bank...and it's 100% FULLY Digital


please do. Very optimistic about this.



  1. Does the account become active immediately after creation
  2. I could not transfer funds out, don’t know why that is?
  3. I tried to fund with a card but it wasn’t successful.


Hi @Baelor

The account becomes active immediately after creation. However, you need to upload your documents (id, selfie, utility bill) in-app, for you to be able to transfer funds out of the account (we hate this but the CBN…)

What bank’s card did you use? Can you please try again?


@Eddy_Eddy @daviruz Please try to log in now. You should be A.OK.



You lit!!! It works :grin::+1:


I used a Zenith Card
It still wasn’t successful


Can you please PM me the error message you got?


Hi @Diakon . Have you been able to set your ALAT pin?


@Eddy_Eddy and everyone else having issues with the iOS version of ALAT, the update is out on the store. You can update yours.


So it’s barely 24 hours after I sign up on the web version (I’ve not even activated it on the app) and I’m already getting promotional email from Wema Bank?



Hi @ife

Did you have a Wema account before? That email was sent by Wema to existing Wema customers, not ALAT users.

Do let me know.


Great platform 3 hours counting, no otp, i want to go and sleep hopefully i’ll get it before tomorrow.
This product is very easy to copy, i think you guys should just find a way to regularise a way to integrate merchant sales, like for e commerce and also integrate other platform like ussd, chat bots, mobile banking and the rest… #slowandsteady please


I’ve never had a Wema account. I’ve also never gotten a mail from Wema till I registered on Alat.


Updated. When selecting a card design. The option to select city and state shows no option.


Thanks @ife we’ll fix this


Thanks for the feedback @Psalm . Pls skip the BVN verification step so you can proceed with onboarding. And then try to link your BVN again once you get to your dashboard.


@philiprohv Hi I created an account on the web and I’m trying to log in on the mobile app being waiting for the activation OTP since last night. BTW I use Airtel.


Having this same issue with OTP


Just thinking, you can also add sending the OTP to user’s email address to complement that of mobile ( though I don’t know if any downside to this exist)


I was spreading the ALAT gospel to my coursemates, they love the idea, just one problem. Its a Wema Bank account, no one seems to trust Wema or even know the bank still exists. So I guess you guys need to work extra hard with this initiative in order to revive the bank