We've created a Digital Bank...and it's 100% FULLY Digital


In times like this, I really wish I was Nigerian.

But I see @philiprohv says “internationalization” is part of the ALAT roadmap, I hope this includes opening up to more African markets too.

Great work anyways :+1:


And with GTBank having more international branches (I could be wrong here), it would be so easy for them to have a greater impact with the launch of a clone service.

Very sad truth


Finally came through.

Discovered a little typographical error where password strength was spelt as password strenght


Thanks @daviruz . Noted and fixed. Would show up in the next update.


Next challenge;

Connection is taking too long to activate my device and it keeps returning an error message


Oh I like this idea. I know it’s still new so I’ll be brief.

Decided to check out the site but I was a little disappointed the screenshots in the homepage were all the same picture. Would have been nice to get more of a feel before signup.

Also it took ages to open the sign up page, only for BVN verification to fail. You should look into not making your technical errors so descriptive.

Edit: That was fast. Error changed, still failing though. But I guess that’s not your fault. I’ll try again later.


The iOS app crashes on the final step of account creation. I use an iPhone 7 with iOS 10.3.1. :disappointed:


@ThisGokeBoySef We’ve fixed this. Please watch out for the next IOS update. Thanks for the feedback @onyeka


Same here.


The OTP is coming in now. Thanks


Nice product @philiprohv, two questions

  1. Any maximum deposit amount ?
  2. If for any reason, my phone battery is dead or phone/debit card is inaccessible, can I visit a wema branch?


Thanks for the complement @Obicauka
. [quote=“Obicauka, post:55, topic:11999”]

  1. Any maximum deposit amount ?

The maximum deposit amount is 2 Million Naira per day, cos its a savings account.

Well there’s the web :slight_smile: .In those dire circumstances, yes, you can.

Great! @ojochidem


It’s not for the onboarding. I’m trying to set an ALAT PIN.


Oh OK. Try it again now.


Great idea.
Downloaded the app on my iPhone and encountered these errors:

  • when registering, upon disconnection from internet the app crashes
  • When registering, when I click the button to create my account the app crashes


I keep having this error when I try to log into the app. When I try to resend the OTP, the app crashes.


Now I registered on my system and tried to login on my phone and getting errors

Also, try and implement Touch ID login for iPhone


You having exactly the same problem I have been experiencing. Dunno if it’s cuz I registered on the web first.


Thanks for this feedback @Eddy_Eddy. Please watch out for the update on the app store. These issues have been fixed in it. Touch ID would be in the update after this current update.


@daviruz we are investigating this at the moment.