We've created a Digital Bank...and it's 100% FULLY Digital


@Dapo @yiabzone we’ll check this out


@PinkEngr there’s a web version actually. Go here

It costs you just 40 Naira on ALAT. That is, say you wanted to fund your ALAT account with 50,000 Naira using your Barclays card, You will be debited in Pounds for 50,040 Naira at whatever rate Barclays has set for Pound-Naira conversion.

Same thing for local cards, except that there is no currency conversion.


I registered via web then come on app to get this when I attempted to login…


@Dapo sorry about that. We’re fixing it right away. In the interim, try logging in on web.


Yo @philiprohv, this may sound low but I’ll ask anyway. Can existing Wema Bank customers also use ALAT?



They will however have to go through the same on-boarding process like everyone else, and as a result, get a brand new ALAT account.

ALAT does not recognize existing Wema accounts as “existing” or “special” accounts, except at the point of account funding.

When trying to fund your ALAT account from within the app, 3 options are presented to you:

  1. Source the funds from your existing Wema account (in which case, we would display your Wema account(s) to you). OR
  2. Source the funds from your existing account in any Nigerian bank, using your debit/credit card (at a cost of just 40 Naira, which is significantly less than the current inter-bank transfer fee of 105 Naira). OR
  3. Source the funds from your existing account in any other bank in the world, using your debit/credit card (also at a cost of just 40 Naira, which is significantly less than the current inter-bank transfer fee of 105 Naira).

Beyond this interaction, ALAT sees Wema users like every other user.


We’ve created a Digital Bank…and it’s 100% FULLY Digital…Except that I can’t find the webapp.
I’ll stick to blockchain!



Lol @ibroheem

The web app can be found here



I tried ‘onboarding’ both on the web and the app but the OTP never came.

Can you epp?


Hi @jekayode

Sorry about your experience. We’ve been experiencing notorious OTP SMS delays to Glo lines. We’re on it.

In the interim, if you have a non-Glo phone number, use that to try to on-board again.


Same OTP issue here. It never came even after resending. I use MTN.


Hi @ojochidem @jekayode

Please tap on “Skip this step” so you can proceed with onboarding.

Once inside the app, try linking your BVN again.


Hi @philiprohv I just saw this now and I think this is a fantastic initiative, kudos to the Wema bank team!

I just tried to sign up on the web version but can only do so with a Nigerian phone number. Any allowance for the ability to sign up with a non-Nigerian phone number down the road-map, especially for Nigerians in the diaspora who have their BVN?


If it works as advertised, all I can say is This is crazy!!
Finally… My prayer point of never entering a bank again has been answered…or has it? Let me download and try it out.


Not receiving OTP to proceed

Using my MTN line


Trying to create ALAT PIN. OTP isn’t coming. Airtel.


Couldn’t proceed without OTP/BVN Verification.


@jekayode @Diakon @daviruz We are working on this. Our SMS gateways don’t want us to be great :slight_smile: . We are working on a permanent solution.

In the interim, on the BVN screen, tap the “Skip this Step” button so that you can finish the on-boarding process.


Hi @Esther_O . Thanks for your complement. We have this planned in the roadmap. Internationalization is a big part of our future plans.


This is a very beautiful idea with a lot of potential especially for millennials. Sadly, the first person to have a great idea doesn’t always end up being the most successful person. GTBank will probably launch theirs along with more features. I feel ALAT should be heavily advertised towards university students and senior secondary school students. We generally hate going to banks ( from my personal experiences) and I feel that in order for ALAT to survive the potential storm of competition that is coming, it should be integrated into every aspect of the internet life of an individual. Integrating it with things such as NaijaBet and other betting sites ( a lot of youths use them), Iroko TV, Facebook Marketplace , Jumia, Konga etc. ALAT could transcend into a payment portal like PAYPAL and Vogue pay for the millennials who always want to trade :smile:. I’m honestly a big fan of this thing, well done