This is Gbenga Agboola, Head, Product Management & Innovation, Digital Banking for Access Bank. I’m here with the Access Bank team and we’re ready to discuss Payment Solutions and PayWithCapture. Ask Us Anything!


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PayWithCapture has a 2-factor authentication system for adequate security.

  1. 5 digit Login PIN
  2. 4-digit transaction code or Touch ID ( for Apple Devices )

if your phone is stolen, the thief can’t have access to your PayWithCapture App but even when that happens, they can transact unless they know your 4-digit transaction code.

Our QR code system works in two ways.

  1. Variable QR-code ( e.g. shoprite etc ) Upon scanning a Variable qr-code; consumer can input the total payable amount and make payment
  2. Fixed Value QR-code ( e.g. movie tickets or DSTV bouquets ) : When this is scanned, consumer would just make payment as the amount has been pre-embedded into the QR code.

Merchants can generate their QR codes from their PayWithCapture Profile or do an integration from their existing till system to pre-generate the qr code for every payment.


What research milestones have Access bank carried out or attained to inform the strategic investment in this mode of financial innovation convincingly enough to push it out in the Nigerian Market.

I will also like to know if the company has done any research on the future effects/implication of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the singularity events of the future on this mode of payment system.- At least we (Financial Tech. Orgs.) are all in a race to secure a lead role in the future of Fintech, isn’t it?


@accessbank Can a customer use their cards for micro transactions without any need for enrollment or a token


I like this reply. I have a site I need your API implemented on. We will be in touch


Hi @accessbank, good work with the paywithcapture product.

Following your posts, it seems like QR codes are the only ways to validate transactions. I think you generate IDs too. Assuming I’m shopping on my phone, I can’t possibly scan the QRcode on the screen with the camera at the back from a transaction page i have to minimize to launch your app from the same phone.

Also, it seems like this solution is heavily dependent on the app, what if I still use my Nokia 3310? can I still Paywithcapture?


I am trying to wrap my head around this: what is the benefit for the merchant? is this just another payment channel? payment cannot happen if the client does not have the app right?


Now I’m more interested :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m totally sold out here, @accessbank. I will be opening an account soon :slight_smile:

You guys appear very jovial. It will be interesting to work you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Merchant Benefits

  1. No integration fees
  2. Next Day Settlement
  3. Mobile App & Online Web Acceptance of major local & foreign cards with our simple APIs
  4. Customer Experience : Merchants control the look & feel of their websites.
  5. International Acceptance : You can now go international and accept MasterCard & VISa from any country in the world and get settled into your Access Bank Account
  6. PCI DSS Compliance Assistance
  7. and more…



We can’t wait to have you @ Access Bank.


PayWithCapture is not just about Qr-codes…

Its a convergent payment platform that allows consumers to link their payment cards ( MasterCard, VISA & Verve ) from any Bank to their App and make payments to merchants by

  1. Scanning a QR-Code
  2. Paying via NFC-Beacon Pay ( Our Beacon pay is a reverse NFC system. Any mobile device with the PayWIthCapture App installed can use it to make payment. The Beacon is installed into the merchant store and when the consumer device gets payment prompts when they are near the store. This allow any device to make near field payment with or without an installed NFC chip)
  3. QuickPay : This allows a consumer with even a Nokia 3310 Phone to pay by just typing the merchant ID to make payment seamlessly.
  4. Online : We have APIs that we can expose to merchants for MasterCard & VISA acceptance directly via the PayWithCapture Payment System on Mobile Apps & E-stores.

In addition to the above; PayWithCapture works offline when the consumer’s device has no internet coverage via our alternate protocols for real-time payment fulfilment.


How do i signup as a merchant on paywithcapture

@Motoni_Bolarinwa we can work with peculiar use-cases & help create payment systems that will address specific needs.


I am talking about normal bank accounts…not PayWithCapture accounts


I am friends with the actual developers that worked on this product, and even though I thought it was quite novel (at least in this part of the world, but not without usability and adoption concerns) when I beta tested it last year, this is hands down the worst AMA ever. Congrats Access Bank.


‘Worst’…in what way did it disappoint?


I just saw this yesterday, seems similar.