This is Gbenga Agboola, Head, Product Management & Innovation, Digital Banking for Access Bank. I’m here with the Access Bank team and we’re ready to discuss Payment Solutions and PayWithCapture. Ask Us Anything!


So, I’m Gbenga Agboola. Head, Product Management & Innovation, Digital Banking. With me is Leke Adekoya, Head, Digital Banking and Osisiye Tafa, Digital Banking Analyst. We are a mix of a drone flier, Pastor and dog trainer working in financial technology. We recently released an innovative new payment solution called PayWithCapture [ ] that should change the payments landscape for good. Ask us anything! :slight_smile:


Hi, how does one sign up to be a merchant (I see the form, but what criteria does one meet before?). Do you have plans for an API? For Nigerians who use stripe or similar, why should they move to capture?


Let the questions roll in


I am interested in the payment by USSD option. How does it work?


Can you please explain what paywithcapture is all about?
Who are the targeted audience/user?


Not quite convinced, I’m sorry. I know this is an AMA session, but I have no questions, only concerns, maybe feedback- if you care.


Hi @accessbank!

What was the rationale behind PayWithCapture being a tangible solution for Nigeria? I know the solution works in other places in the world (mostly Asian countries, from the little I know), but I’ve not seen anything like it in action here.

In other words, what makes PayWithCapture a good idea for Nigeria and what makes now the right time to launch it here?


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The paywithcapture is a great idea that I believe can be another option for POS that may be faulty. Is Access bank looking to open up APIs around payment solutions to help ease the issue of payments to merchants?



Hello, Signing Up for PayWithCapture Acceptance is pretty easy. Fill the online form @ & the team would contact you ASAP. The only criteria is for you to have an Access Bank Account to receive payments.


PayWithCapture works offline and this happens via a background USSD option which allows payment to go through irrespective of internet connectivity.


Is the solution device agnostic vis a vis POS terminals and mobile phones. How can the solution be implemented for online merchants to aid in circumventing the exposure of payment card details?


Thanks @akamaozu

We believe PayWithCapture is ripe for the Nigerian Market for the following reasons …

  1. Ability to pay with or without internet connectivity
  2. Ability to split your payment across multiple payment channel for a particular bill or payment. ( Nigerians are multi-banked)
  3. Recurrent Payments


Hello @ChikaUwazie,

We already have APIs that you can be used for Payment acceptance across all channels.

Sign up to be a merchant @ and APIs will be sent to you.