This is Gbenga Agboola, Head, Product Management & Innovation, Digital Banking for Access Bank. I’m here with the Access Bank team and we’re ready to discuss Payment Solutions and PayWithCapture. Ask Us Anything!


PayWithCapture Works via a variety of Channels.

  1. Mobile ( All Mobile OS )
  2. Online ( this works via scanning a QR-code online and payment is fulfilled when the consumer authenticates on the mobile)
    3.Offline ( Products can now be sold on newspapers via QR codes. We believe the next Black Friday can happen offline )


Hello accessbank, a couple of questions.

  1. As a merchant, how can I sign up to use PayWithCapture?
  2. Are payment/settlements passed through NIBSS?
  3. Also, how and when do I get my money. Does payment to my account come immediately or I have to wait a couple of days/hours
  4. Are the transactions offline or online? If they are offline, how is the debit and credit done?


Payment Solutions is our area of expertise @ Access Bank.

We are pleased to announce that we now have payment APIS for

  1. MasterCard
  2. VISA
  3. Verve

acceptance with simple APIs without the need for a hosted payment page.


Sending APIs? Why not put it up so devs can see it? We really shouldn’t be able to use it without a valid API key.


Hello @Sunshine :blush:

  1. SignUp for PayWithCapture @
  2. Payments are settled into your Merchant Account.
  3. All Payments are remitted to your account 24hours after payment
  4. Transactions can be offline & online. Offline transactions are debited real-time… We have alternative routing protocols e.g. USSD for payment which facilitates this.


Take a look at stripe’s pricing. How is capture different in areas such as % in fees, time before earnings transfer, what kind of Access bank account is required (corporate only?).


This would be published ASAP.


lol at payment solutions been your area of expertise…you guys are the newest in the space


Pricing is currently 1.25% capped @ N2000. No entry fees, No Integration Fees , No qwertyuiop, No rgfhfgfetype

:grinning:We are the Access Bank Innovation Guys…Inventing new words…


Ok…these memes are becoming a tad too many and might seem like you guys aren’t taking this seriously. This is people aka Nigerians’ monies we talking about here.

My question is @accessbank do you have APIs to check account balances on a customer’s account?

Which would help in the case of verifying a payment was made.

Appreciate you guys spending time with us.



Spot On

We got the newest APIs for you to accept Mastercard & VISA ( local & foreign ) with your own look & feel on your mobile App or e-commerce store.

We would even help with PCI compliance!!!

Indeed we are the newest kid on the block but also


Publish API, implement test feature, let the bad (OK good) guys test it out.


@accessbank From a consumer standpoint, it would be great to be able to know where exactly PayWithCapture is accepted. Which merchants support it. Right now, one has to literally go hunting. Perhaps a list thingy? One that dynamically updates as new merchants/locations pop up? A service is only useful if I can find it.


How difficult would it be to generate a Capture Code?
Is it something we can expect smaller businesses like a trader in Computer Village to effortlessly do?

What about chargebacks?


There’s a virtual marketplace on the app that lists all live merchants and this is updated frequently
Currently, we have merchants in all lifestyle categories (churches, eateries, retail stores, airlines, hotels …) and more are signed up daily
Right now, we offer discounts when you pay at most merchants listed. The list of discounts is listed on the Loyalty tab on the app


Payment verification API is available for all payment types. Check Account balance API can only be used by merchants for their own accounts.


@accessbank what happens if as a customer, I lose my phone? Does the thief automatically get access to my account?

Also, as a merchant, how do I generate QR codes? Take for example, Shoprite, will they have to generate QR codes of each product in their shop? Please explain how the QR code feature works.


You know what would be brilliant? Implementing the vendor list in-app. Or making a vendor locator companion app. With location detection, smart recommendations, push notifications on deals/offers and all. Yes, more work, I know. Maybe some Radar folk might even be happy to consult on such a project :smile:


Every Merchant can generate a Capture Code from their PayWithCapture Merchant profile. We would even generate the QR code and deploy to merchants on demand.

ChargeBacks! Consumers can request for a refund right on the App for disputed transactions. This is then entered into our Dispute & Resolution System for immediate investigation.

PayWithCapture is PCIDSS compliant so merchants are protected from Card Chargebacks.


Its already available on PayWithCapture…

in-app merchant list with geo-notifications via our BeaconPay