The top ten places Nigerians (Lagosians) are Ubering to

  1. The Palms Shopping Mall
  2. Ikeja City Mall
  3. Adrenaline Sports Bar at The Four Points Sheraton
  4. The Soul Lounge Lagos
  5. Eko hotel and Suites
  6. Radisson Blu Anchorage
  7. Lagos Oriental Hotel
  8. The Place Night Club
  9. Lafayette Shopping Mall
  10. Dream Plaza

LOL, this data can be interpreted in so many ways.

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According to your data, Lagosians do these things; Buy, Kpansh and Flex.

No time.


Hardly, these are activities and places for people sitting pretty on the economic pile. The Lagosians I know are just trying to escape the middle-class squeeze in this recession. Uber is not middle-class if these are the top destinations.


Re kpansh, they could also be attending lots of conferences and events, you know…


This isn’t surprising. In Lagos, Taxi services (and Uber) have always been elitist. Thanks to the lazy methods employed by Lagos taxi drivers. They park and sleep in their cabs (or play draft or gist with fellow drivers) just to wait for one customer whom they will charge for manhours wasted in unproductive activities.

Meanwhile, Abuja taxi drivers go around scouting for passengers and are very willing to drop you off at your destination for a very affordable rate.


All I see is Girls and their hunting patterns lol


Basically, most people use Uber for events and special occasions.

I wish I could see a personalised version of this. I want to know the top 10 places I’ve ubered to.


Please what’s kpansh



I think you can view this within the App under the History section, No?


That just shows a long list of all the places I’ve been to. I’m talking about making sense of the data listed there.


No other way than what has been described below [Buy, Kpansh & Flex] :sweat_smile:

And conference? thats up for debate!


Strictly for people above 18!


Basically Island Areas :slight_smile:


According to the data, this accounts for only 5.5% while 77% is for Shopping, Parties and Hotels


It’s interesting that the airport didn’t feature at all…


Money made in Lagos, stays in Lagos. :joy: Most Lagosians rarely travel. If the statistics is dominated by female customers as @youngbobby suggested, then this point is supported.


But a more serious note,wouldn’t it be cheaper if the funds being channelled to Uber is passed to a local company,probably Gomyway,Jekalo or one of these local startups?
Buy local to grow local,was the last phrase I heard on Tv.


Is said local startup delivering the same value for money I glean from Uber? If yes, then great. If no…


For one,you pay less.That I can ascertain, as regards value for money.Who defines value for money? Its a relative term to each individual.