The Scam called Piuni


Each time I come on RADAR and I see people launching new products/services, I get happy because I know its only a matter of time before one or more Nigerian startups become unicorns in their own rights.

It is because of this I get very upset each time I see people trying to corrupt our tech ecosystem with scam.

One of such scams that I came across yesterday is a product called Piuni. You know that saying about if it is too good to be true, then it is probably a scam, that is exactly how I felt when I watched the video.

I mean you need to see the bogus claims being made.

  • Operating in 140 countries
  • Headquarters in Arkansas
  • A variety of products etc.
  • Ten(10 years) above other tech companies…

I think all these claims are just bogus for several reasons amongst whom are:

  1. There is no way you will operate in 140 countries and the only mention about you in google are all Nigeria related

  2. A simple google check lists your office on Allen Avenue despite you claim to based out of the US

  3. You hold training sessions and all the pictures available on google are pictures about Nigerians

  4. They make a claim that they have Universal recharge card, when i feel they just determine your network from your mobile number and then give you a relevant recharge card. If truly universal, the phone nos shouldnt matter. Just sell me recharge card and forget what I do with it.

  5. They claim to own the payment platform called U-Pay, which can be used on over 50,000 services worldwide, but yet they cannot even get the logo right!. The logo on thier site and video cannot even be found on google images. Above all, the link for more details on the site doesnt work!

  6. Then talk about U-SIM… I cannot even find anything related about their U-SIM on google despite being so “ground breaking”

Anyway, I am just so upset and wanted to vent here… especially since I could not find any site on google telling people that Piuni is a scam and for them to stay clear.

Is Linda Ikeji buying/faking alexa rankings?

Check bing you will find it lol


You’re wise. Ponzi scams too much these days. They made too much effort to conceal this one


says headquarters is in Arkansas

places pointer in Pennsylvania, 15 hours from Arkansas

At least if you want to scam people, put some effort into it. Idiots.

Unfortunately, less educated Nigerians will fall for this. Sad but that’s reality. We need to have laws that protect gullible Nigerians from all this shit.


Sadly you cant make laws to prevent gullible people from falling for scam, same way you can’t make laws against ignorance. They eventually learn from experience.


hahahahahahaha … I didnt catch that one.


Or decide not to learn @ all, as the case may be!


Lool, I really gotta see the admin or the owner of this site, looool, you Honestly think PIUNI is a scam when you are not even in the PIUNI system nor know anything at all about it other than a few clicks here and there on the “present web page”… Your ignorance is alarming, I just can’t stop laughing. Well, all I gotta tell you is to just wait and see, you ain’t see nothing yet. # PIUNI.

I Still can’t stop laughing at the idea that you think Piuni is a scam . by the way, if you would love to know a lot more about Piuni, ask someone who is already in the system, ask someone who has been there since 10months ago when the company started pre-launch… Contact me On 07035791732 and I will be glad to give you detailed history and showcase you the pictures of piuni Launch in Different parts of the world. Till we meet again. Once again, contact me on 07035791732(call/whatsapp). Thank you.


Forget about the launch pictures… show me a technical paper of how the universal sim works… show me patents you have filed to protect the technology… show me a technical paper of how u have gotten networks to authenticate a SIM card from another network without getting the Ki

You say u have universal top-up, then send me a recharge card number I won’t tell you the network, just give me one and i will try it on any network I like… if it works I will pay you 100 euros for it!!!

Yes the “present web page matters” for a company that claims to be 10 years ahead of its peers and cannot get a simple web page right ??? Or figure out where Arkansas is on a map of the US. In short give me the US address let me use google street view to check it out

Guy abeg leave matter, if you have come to radar to defend a scam , then you have come to the wrong place …


Another thing, I noticed you just joined Radar…

Please don’t tell me you just say the scam post on google and rushed here to try and defend the scam…


I tell you what “Mr Easibor”, you’ve got no informed clue(s) on the Business/Company you are reviewing. To review a system and conclude its a scam, you really gotta have all the details, as of right now, you are Lacking a lot of these details. I don’t have to defend the Company to you as you will see for yourself in due time. Patience is the Key( but if you can’t wait till then, then contact me right now and I’ll give you all you need to run a full and a well detailed review and you can come back to this platform to now use what ever I send/show to you as a tool to either keep defending your claims or state other wise), but mind you, you haven’t seen anyone telling you that they lost anything to the Company have you? Don’t worry, it won’t be long now.
However, you have really shown yourself to have a really inquisitive mind and you stand-by that which you believe, and for this “Mr Easibor”, I’d really love to work with you when you have witnessed for yourself the Value Added Services the company offers, by then try to contact me @07035791732.



I don’t need you to show me anything in private.

If you have documents to backup Piuni’s claims as you say, then post it all here for everyone to see. If I happen to be wrong, I will gracefully eat my words and apologize.

There is no need for us to banter back and forth. I insist that Piuni is a scam, built to defraud people.


“Oh my God hahaha I can’t believe you think this is a scam haha. ha. ha.”

Oga did you prove me wrong? Stop scamming innocent people and go make an honest leaving for yourself.

That thing you supposedly want to show me in private? Post it here.

Where’s the proof that you’re in 140 countries? Show us the proof. You think we’re idiots here? You don’t even know where Arkansas is but you supposedly have your headquarters there. Sure.


Am amazed at your ignorance. (Who no knw no go know). When something is about unfolding if their is nothing to try to fight it then there won’t be a story to tell how they overcame. Young man, you are learned and do you think technology is still as low as you think. Its far above what you could imagine. I pray you become my customer one day when I start earning


Why do you guys keep doing this? I’d at least expect you to know that the average Radar user isn’t going to fall for this nonsense. Do you think we’re idiots here? Carry your MMM-lite somewhere else abeg.


Please when that day comes let me know…

MMM was even better than this. At least they didnt lie about having a great product that will change the world.

My issue with Piuni is not the MLM part of the business, its their bogus claim about having “fantastic” products…


Looool, I’m simply just amazed, thats all I’ve got to say for now, My advice to Mr Easibor and shegade… "always find out all you can about anything before drawing your conclusion on it, because you are so so so wrong on this, but only time shall tell, I will definitely love to work with you guys someday, cos I really love your undying courage and Will power, it only shows you guys are one of the very few curious and inquisitive Nigerians and I love to work with people like that. Till then…


You keep saying you’re amazed and saying we don’t know anything without actually providing something. What is your product? What is your service? What are you selling to Nigerians? Where is the proof of your existence in 140 countries? Prove us wrong in here and right now or move along. I’m sure you have innocent Nigerians to dupe somewhere.


One of my dudes succeeded in coercing me to fall for this scam called piuni. As someone who has an account with piuni I can tell you it is utter rubbish and plain scam. Piuni is just a badly disguised MLM ponzi scheme.

The first red flag I had before registering with this scam was that the reg process was to pay into a corporate account and then you have to call one David to get a reg pin. I later found out that everyone has to go through this process to onboard. As a victim piuni is a scam worst than MMM. It promises everything and delivers NOTHING. EFCC should move in on this david guy


Can I have your office address in Arkansas, I will come pay you guys a visit.