The Scam called Piuni


You gonna have to wait for so long


Nice being here


trust me, is never a scam as you described


I’m on mobile, so I’ll be responding to these issues one after the other.
But trust me, I’m not here to try to defend a scheme out of fraud. But to assure you piuni is never a scam. Just a misunderstanding of how the coy is operating now


My name is Ogboye Samuel
I heard about piuni late July and I Joined the company Early August.


At first what is Piuni International
Its a company that makes you earn from your daily activities and works on network marketing level of business. Meaning, services/products are involved and its customer based. You can earn from your customers and also from the sales your referred affiliates pulled in.


This thread has run its course and at this point is no longer a constructive conversation.