The first "limited edition" Radar T-shirts


I realise that the original thread (What online business can I start with 500 thousand naira) from which this started had been derailed (I apologise), so I decided to make a new thread. The idea for this t-shirt was randomly inspired by a humourous reply by @akindolu which if you haven’t seen by now reads “Avoid the Internet. Buy Okadas and be happy” to the question of what online business would you start with N500k. I thought that quote totally needed to be on a T-shirt, so I hit up @Ashiwel who came back with these.

These are of course mockups, the fun is just beginning. We estimate that each one will cost N4k each (plus shipping). I haven’t done this sort of thing before, so some things may change, and the actual product might not look exactly like what’s in the mockups. With that in mind, if you want Radar’s first limited edition “Buy Okadas And Be Happy” T-shirts, in white, inspired by day one member, Akindolu, hit reply, with your size. Bless.

What online business can I start with 500 thousand naira
What budget for online lending platform development

I’d take a Medium. Thanks.


This is super cool. Including radar’s logo would have been a nice touch as well.


We were (are) in a bit of a hurry, but that’s a good point.


The logo is there


Can you provide a link to the quote’s backstory? Thanks.
Never mind. Here it is


Remove the Seen On Techcabal’s Radar and that other curly thing under and send me a pair.
A Radar clothing line with random startup stuffs from here would make a lot of sense tho!


A “Medium” would be just fine.


Thx, didn’t see that first time.


Nice. Booking medium. Thanks


:point_up: Medium


Medium. Thanks.


Cool! Medium pls!


I’ll do a group PM with everyone who’s requested one by tomorrow, thanks a lot.


It’s weird that everyone on here is requesting a medium, what does this say about the tech community in Nigeria? :thinking:

Anyway I need to collate more data … in the interim, let me get a medium :slight_smile:


LMAOOOOO :joy::joy::joy:


That they would choose a clothing size if there’s a tech start-up named after it. :smile:


Had to be over the words


Medium here :raising_hand:


Lovely Design. Is there a reason why the design is not uploaded to a platform like spreadshirt?